How much would you pay to escape from a screaming Baby in-flight?

We have all been there; in your hand the perfect Boarding Card with a decent seat, a great airline to serve you, but when you get to the seat a crying Baby right next to you or several crying babies all around you! Now my life has turned the other way round, as I am the apologetic parent taking care fot he crying baby, what else can you do?

Well, finally airlines are beginning to listen! A Budget airline called Scoot is now offering passengers the option to upgrade their seats to a dedicated a "Quiet Zone" where crying babies and children are banned.

Scoot, is the low cost wing of Singapore Airlines and now offers customers the option of a peaceful flight for the cost of around $15 USD. The promise is focused on exclusivity and privacy. here away under 12 year olds are banned from the first 7 rows of its economy 41-seat section.

Moreover, each seat in the quiet zone, comes with extra leg room; up to 35 inches in fact, which is 4 more inches than a standard economy seat.

Elsewhere in the industry, another low cost airline "AirAsia" (voted the worlds best Budget airline with a hub in Malaysia) also prevented babies from appearing in certain sections of its planes.

Additionally Malaysia Airlines banned babies generally from 1st Class cabins in its Airbus A380's and its Boeing 747 1st Class cabins as a result of written complaints from repeat passengers concerning noise from babies and children alike.