The Top most Annoying Passenger Behaviors

A recent passenger survey by involving more than 1500 people has revealed some of the most annoying travellers habits.

While reading these behaviors, some of you will, no doubt, smile with guilt. On the other hand, some of you will nod along feeling the anger after being the "victim" of such disturbing attitudes.
Strangely, some of you, including me, are going to experience both!

To the question "What do you consider is the most annoying thing while boarding?".  Out of the 1553 surveyed the following answers were recorded:
  • 445 of them say carrying a larger than allowed luggage is extremely disturbing
  • 383 passengers consider blocking the aisle the most annoying thing
  • 322 of them are frustrated by those who crowd the boarding line
  • 230 travellers feel its annoying when a careless luggage storage habit is portrayed
  • 107 considered it irritating when other travellers use the overhead for small items
To the question "What do you consider to the most annoying thing while exiting?", the answers resulting from the survey based on 1537 passengers were:
  • 876 passengers find attempting to deplane in front the most frustrating behavior
  • 384 mind those being careless with luggage
  • 154 travellers were irritated by those that leave their seats before the light is off
  • 61 of them are frustrated by those leaving trash behind
  • 61 passengers found using cell phones before being permitted as very unpleasant
Having read the article, I think it is safe to say that we all have been there at least once! 

Either you are the one disturbing or the one being disturbed, this is the guide of what to do and what NOT to do when you travel.