La Tomatina Festival 2014, Buñol, Spain

Where? Buñol, Spain

When? Last Wednesday in August - 27th August 2014

The sunny Mediterranean city of Valencia in Spain is world-renowned for its tasty and succulent oranges. And just thirty miles away is Buñol, another town just as famous for its produce. But its notoriety comes from the locals' habit of wearing the produce as well as tasting it! Every year, Buñol hosts La Tomatina, the world's largest vegetable fight.

Situated only 30 kilometers inland from the Mediterranean Sea, and well-connected by motorway and rail to Madrid and Valencia, this charming town erupts into a fiery blaze of tomato-hurling on the last Wednesday of every August.

The "Batalla" takes place during a week-long celebration filled with ongoing festivities and with even greater anticipation for the monstrous tomato battle that serves as the culmination of the week's events.

Plus, 2012's La Tomatina Festival saw the birth of The La Tomatina After Party! In essence, imagine 2,000 people, cheap booze and dancing in the streets. The after party takes place at The Valencia Modern ArtsMuseum, however, if you are allergic to tomatoes, please, do not go.

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