Europe Slammed by its own Latest Poll!

Paradoxically, EU people and non-EU people seem to have one thing in common; lack of trust in the European Union.

Traditionally, Britain was always the most consistently Euro-skeptic country within the EU. Since the recent raft of Bail-Outs, that has now changed.

According to the most recent survey conducted in the UK, a shocking 68% of UK citizens don't trust the EU, however that number is even greater in Cyprus, Spain, Greece, Portugal and even more.

Just to get an idea, a worrying 83% of Cypriot citizens say they do not trust the EU decisions. It's not surprising that the vicious Troika cocktail of austerity, doom and gloom which has been forced on the unsuspecting people of the EU bail-out countries is deeply unpopular.

Interestingly, the Poll of 32,000 people across a section of people within the Euro-zone was paid for by Brussels. 

The unpleasant and revealing results for the unpopular European Commission were semi concealed, as they were not featured in any Press Release. Instead, they were camouflaged within a boring 200 page report giving the full details. Such reports are rarely read by the Public.

Despite the distasteful effects of the Bail-Outs leading to war-time like conditions in countries like Greece, large food banks for the poor, increased crime, shocking unemployment levels (especially for the young), street riots and the fear of anxiety for the population at large, the social tank of the EU carries on regardless. 

All of this while the EU commissioners seemingly show NO empathy or compassion for the destruction caused by the Euro and the exchange mechanism to southern European communities.