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Majestic springtime in Japan!

The Japanese cherry trees, also known as "sakura", are one of the most well-known Spring symbols in Japan. They start to bloom in mid-March in many parks and streets in Japan, while many cities experience this special event until May.

Schools in Japan start in April, which is the same period the cherry trees bloom. At that time, many Japanese people choose to go on a picnic under the cherry trees, a tradition named Hanami and has its roots back in the 8th century!

The Top most Annoying Passenger Behaviors

A recent passenger survey by involving more than 1500 people has revealed some of the most annoying travellers habits.

While reading these behaviors, some of you will, no doubt, smile with guilt. On the other hand, some of you will nod along feeling the anger after being the "victim" of such disturbing attitudes.
Strangely, some of you, including me, are going to experience both!

To the question "What do you consider is the most annoying thing while boarding?".  Out of the 1553 surveyed the following answers were recorded:
445 of them say carrying a larger than allowed luggage is extremely disturbing383 passengers consider blocking the aisle the most annoying thing322 of them are frustrated by those who crowd the boarding line230 travellers feel its annoying when a careless luggage storage habit is portrayed107 considered it irritating when other travellers use the overhead for small items To the question "What do you consider to the most a…

Look Away or Pay the $5 fee Just for Looking!

Given the financial crisis that has influenced every aspect of our life the last 4-5 years, you have to be creative in order to be successful. Businesses have to go every possible way in order to stand tall and make profit. 
However, creativeness can be tricky, it can bring to success or to a big failure. 
You choose what the case is for Celiac Supplies, a gluten free shop in Brisbane, that posted an image of a sign on its front door getting quickly positive and negative attention as well.

The sign reads:
"Dear Customers,

As of the first of February, this store will be charging people a $5 fee per person for "just looking."
The $5 fee will be deducted when goods are purchased.

That's because there has been high volume of people who use this store as a reference and then purchase goods elsewhere. These people are unaware our prices are almost the same as the other stores plus we have products simply not available anywhere else."
Owner of the gluten free produce sto…

Shocking Results from Facebook Users Behaviour Research

Recently, researchers have achieved something rather shocking.
Experts were able to accurately assume a Facebook user’s race, IQ, sexuality, substance use and political views using only their ‘likes’.

What came out from the research is that users on Facebook unintentionally reveal personal information including their sexual orientation, drug use and political beliefs.

Michal Kosinski, the lead Cambridge University analyst who worked with Microsoft Research on the study, has stated that “The important point is that, on one hand, it is good that people’s behaviour is predictable because it means Facebook can suggest very good stories on your news feed.”
“But what is shocking is that you can use the same data to predict your political views or your sexual orientation," he added.

Based on the 58,000 Facebook users behaviour, analysts were able to predict whether men were homosexual with 88% accuracy by their likes of Facebook pages, even if those users had not explicitly shared their…