Worst Things that Could Happen on a Trip!

Have you ever wondered what's the worst that could happen to you when travelling?
We travellers, in order to prevent this from happening, went beyond all the wondering and made a list with all the worst case scenarios one may live on a trip!
  • Lose your flight or have a long delay or even have it cancelled; under this category you will find flight cancellations when you don't have a single penny to pay for another one. Imagine that happening when you need to return to your homeland after a long yet expensive trip. 
  • Have your luggage with all the important staff you are going to need lost (by the Airlines Company or not), forgotten somewhere or robbed!
  • Get in a car accident in your rented car with all the possible collateral damage such as injuries, hospitals, police, lawyers, embassies etc.
  • Arrive at "what seemed online to be an excellent hotel" and realise it's a hole with shared rooms or even shared bathrooms (It happens more than you think)!

  • Get drunk and wake up in the middle of nowhere in a foreign land with strangers around you (Again, it happens more than you think)!
  • Pull a "Fight Club" scene and get involved in a fight with locals and get your a** kicked waking up in the hospital with the police around you. As if that's not enough, imagine having to pay a fortune because you have no insurance.
  • Catch the wrong plane and arrive in Ungalik Thluk (Fyi, that's in Alaska) instead of the Maldives!

  • Lose your wallet with all your money, id, and other documents you were going to need for your flight back to your country.
  • Get erotically involved with someone you will never see again and get pregnant or even an STD.
  • Have the "luck" to experience a natural disaster such as tsunamis, hurricanes, or great storms when cruising.

Tell us if anything similar has already happened to you. We would be glad to read your funny or not so funny stories!