Most Popular Chocolate Festivals in the World!

The right place for the Chocoholic hiding in you!

From experience, we can say that being there is like being in heaven. You will get to buy fresh chocolate in all its forms and types, drink it while it's hot or taste a piece cut out from a sculpture made entirely by chocolate in a day!

This is heaven to us and the calories gained? Totally worth it! 
1. Eurochocolate in Perugia, Italy
It is considered the largest chocolate festival in the world! The festival hosts all kinds of events, from chocolate sculpting, to cooking classes and of course, chocolate sampling!

2. Choco-Late Festival: Brugge, Belgium
Belgium is known worldwide for their delicatessen chocolate, so it definitely does come as a surprise that a chocolate festival in the month of November is held in country. Did you know that Belgium is the home of Godiva, the most popular gourmet chocolate in the world? 

3. The Chocolate Festival of Linkoping, Sweden
 This festival in Sweden hosts seminars to help educate chocolate lovers and experts about the benefits of having chocolate as well as cooking recipes where chocolate can be used.

5. Chocolate Fest in Canada
Wonder what it would be like to walk through a chocolate museum or have a chocolate treasure hunt? There sure are fun activities waiting for you in this chocolate festival!

6. New York Chocolate Festival
North America’s biggest chocolate festival happens in New York. Every November, well over 15,000 visitors, journalists and culinary professional gather at the Metropolitan Pavilion, with its 4,000 m2 exhibition arena. There top international chocolatiers and pastry chefs present live demonstrations, and audience members sample their chocolate creations.

7. The Chocolate Festival, UK
Britain's annual chocolate extravaganza takes place in four cities includes London, Oxford, Bristol and Brighton. Chocolate lovers can sample artisan creations, from classic chocolate cakes to exotic chocolate chili, at dozens of stalls. Visitors can also enjoy free tasting sessions as well as cookery demonstrations and classes.