Best Reasons to Move to a Tropical Paradise!

1. Sun and fresh air
Escape the torture of cold and dark winters, and enjoy lots of natural sunshine, get your dose of real vitamin D. Enjoy wearing minimal clothing, take walks whenever you feel like it, and never pick up a snow shovel again!

2. Good food
There’s a world of difference between a fruit that grows on a tree and is picked hours before you eat it, and a fruit that is picked too early, shipped over long distances and sold to you for more money.
In the tropical paradises you can eat delicious, cheap, quality, tree-ripened fruits and vegetables, and avoid genetically-engineered foods, irradiation, hot-water treated mangoes and tasteless, imported produce.

3. Less stress
You can reduce stress dramatically by relocating at least part of the year somewhere where the pace of living is slower, more relaxed and where people value real friendship and relaxation over the constant desire to work, work, work and consume, consume, consume.

4. Discover a new culture
You can find excitement and growth by experiencing a different culture and become enriched by it. You could learn a new language, or stay somewhere where people speak English. But in either case, I have found that in many countries people are friendly, welcoming and very helpful.

5. Save money
Don't think we are lunatics but you can really save money by relocating at least part of the year overseas in a tropical paradise. It’s true!

6. Increase in your quality of life
Every year we work, it seems we end up with less in our pockets. Inflation is eating away our buying power, and taxes take up a big chunk of the rest.
But the culture tells us to keep working, keep working, and keep consuming... but for what exactly in the end?

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