5 things you didn't know about Airports

We are all experienced Perpetual Travellers reading this Blog, however here are 5 things that you most likely don't know!

1. Did you know that there are 15.079 airports in  USA?
This is the highest number of airports operating in one country.

2. 5.500 m is the length of the longest airport runaway.
This is strangely located in the Qambo Bangda Airport in China.

3. Of all countries worldwide, the USA remains the country with the most passenger appearances. 
China follows with a significant number difference while Germany features shortly behind China.

4. Did you know that only in 2010, approximately 29,4 million bags were lost by airlines?
I can claim 2 of those!

5. Did you know that some airports have some very unfortunate names?
  • In Turkey you will find the Batman Airport.
  • In Spain the Moron Airport. 
  • In Indonesia the Fak Fak Airport.
  • In France the Brest Airport.
We welcome you to share your strange facts with us in the comments.