10 Once-in-a-Lifetime Trips you would be Lucky to Experience!

Having to choose just a limited amount among millions of things to do can be extremely irritating!

It becomes twice as irritating when it comes to choosing only 10 trips you would be happy to experience just once as many ideas are constantly crossing my mind.

Fortunately, tripadvisor has already done so for us!

Personally speaking, i will consider myself the luckiest person on earth for getting the chance to experience just half of them!

Remember to write us your opinion and your suggestions. We are very curious to see if you agree with this list!

1. Stay in a bungalow over the 
    crystal clear sea of Bora Bora 

2. Take a cruise down the Nile and 
    admire the Pyramids

3. Go see the ruins of Machu Pichu

4. Get to see Kenya's unique and natural beauty 
    on a safari trip

5. Go romantic watching the sunrise from 
    Mount Kilimanjaro in Kenya

6. Get to meet the Moai of Easter Island

7. Participate in New Year's Eve celebrations
    in Sydney

8. Observe the magic of the Northern Lights
    in Norway

9. Climb aboard the Trans-Siberian Railway and 
    ride from Beijing to Moscow

10. Take a helicopter ride above the astonishing 
      Grand Canyon in Nevada