Strange Behaviors of Passengers at the Airport

When you travel there is always the possibility to see and experience a variety of things and that's the beauty of travel, as variety is the spice of life!

According to the Survey, it has been statistically observed that strange passenger behaviors are more common than we think; these "airport behaviors" indeed are actually frequent occurrences.

The power is in the detail and sometimes numbers are much more useful than words.
Here below are the top examples of the most strange passenger behaviors. Let's face it, who hasn't been involved in one of the situations listed below at least once?
Airport Behaviors
    • 30% of travellers accidentally breach security at the airport.
    • Numbers climb even higher reaching 64% when it comes to people that consciously wear nice socks for when they take their shoes off passing through security at the airport.
    • 22% of travellers tend to sneak their heaviest objects into their partners' suitcase and logically, one would assume that most of these are women.
    • When it comes to obtaining free upgrades, numbers tell us that the most popular method is trying to seduce the check-in staff by means of flirting. The second most popular method at 34% is pretending to be on honeymoon, while 6% of travellers even pretending to be participating in a funeral.