Dubrovnik Carnival Fest, Croatia 2015

Where? Dubrovnik, Croatia

When? 5-19 February, 2015

Dubrovnik Carnival dates back to the 14th century and maintains many of the original traditions to this day. People gather from surrounding areas to dress up in garish costumes, parading down the streets to the sound of trumpets and drums.Jousting competitions take place in the city centre, with men on
horseback carrying lances aimed for a silver ring tied to a rope above the horse trail.

The Dubrovnik Carnival Fest is a considered cultural and tourist attraction and music content that interconnects Croatian and regional carnival cities, brings joy and colors to Dubrovnik winter and revives Dubrovnik’s centuries long cultural and historical tradition of carnival festivities.

Festivities also include:
  1. Best Mask awards
  2. Music Festival 
  3. Awards for the best musicians
Further Information: http://www.karnevalfest.hr/