Trio Tekke in Nicosia Cyprus

Where? Nicosia

When? 22nd December

As a sign of the times, the music in Cyprus and Greece these days is somewhat more toned down and even sad. For example. Neo-Rembetika group Trio Tekke has received great praise from the U.K. and European press for their experimental approach to the 'Greek blues' by fusing different styles and writing from their own modern-day experiences and yet retaining musical elements of the old style. The concert will held be at WhereHaus 612 in Nicosia and will see Trio Tekke performing songs from their albums as well as new unreleased songs, and will be followed by a party with the DJs Koulla P. Katsikoronou, Lefto and S.S Karamazov. Trio Tekke consists of Antonis Antoniou (voice, tzouras), Lefteris Moumtzis (voice, guitar) and Colin Somervell (double bass).

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