How to Grow Old Healthily

As the Baby Boomers reach the ever expanding retirement age, they will soon desire the great secret of life "how to grow old healthily".

A recent study published in Canadian Medical Association Journal actually identifies 4 healthy behaviors that are widely believed to increase the chances of staying healthy in old age.

The 4 healthily behaviors are a combination of:
  1. Regular exercise (at least 2.5 hours a week of moderately intense physical activity)
  2. A healthy diet (Eating fruits and vegetables on a daily basis)
  3. Moderate alcohol consumption (1-14 units a week for women & 1-21 units a week for men
  4. No smoking (absolutely none)
The Canadian study involved no less than 5,100 men and women, who were assessed on their lifestyle choices and health. The first assessment stage took place during the years between 1991-1994 and the follow up in occurred from 2007-2009. During the time of the study, 549 participants died during follow-up, and 953 were classified as successfully aging, while the remaining people aged normally.

The study shows the cumulative impact of healthy behaviors and in essence successful aging can be summarized as maintaining good mental and physical health with no chronic diseases such as cancer or diabetes. Normal aging involves chronic disease or mental health. While individual healthy behaviors are moderately associated with successful aging, the combined impact is far more substantial.

In conclusion, by adopting all 4 simple healthy behaviors indicated above people can increase their chances of reaching old age disease-free and fully functional.