Worldwide October Events

The Autumn leaves are falling and October is already here and there are a variety of events happening all over the world, including the Beijing International Music Festival, which includes a variety of musical and drama acts.

The Annual Kerry Film Festival in Ireland, which screens over 100 films during the week-long event. Louisiana hosts it’s oldest festival, the International Rice Festival.

Buenos Aires Spring Wine Tour on the third Fridays in October and November.

In London, the Royal Albert Hall will host the International Ballroom Dancing Championships 2012, where the best dance talent in England will compete.

The Royal Horticultural Society's annual autumn flower show is also taking place at the Society's Halls in London and features the autumn fruit and vegetable competition, ornamental plant competition, botanical art and photography.

Trieste's Barcolana has the largest sailing race in Europe, which is an extraordinary spectacle that sees families and professional teams battling it out in old hulls and hi-tech boats.

In Lourdes the National Pilgrimage of St Rosiare is celebrated with a special mass, held in the holy sanctuary of Notre-Dame du Rosaire.


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