World “Car free Day”

Where? Worldwide
When? 22nd September 2012

Every year on September 22nd, people from all around the world come together in the streets and neighborhood blocks to send a message to the world that we do not have to give in to our car-dominated society.

As the climate slowly heats up, World Car free Day is the perfect day to take some of the heat off the planet, and place it upon city planners and politicians to give priority to riding bikes, walking and public transport, instead of to the automobile.

A Car Free Day is an event organized in several places in different ways, but with the shared goal of taking a fair few number of cars off the streets of a  big city, or some target a particular area or neighborhood for all, or part of a day.  In doing this, they are giving the people who live and work there an idea of how their city might look and work with a lot less cars.

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