Reykjavik International Film Festival

Where? Reykjavik, Iceland
When? 27th September - 7th October 2012

Towards the end of the month, Reykjavik’s annual International Film Festival wows films lovers from all across the globe. With its focus on promoting Icelandic film culture, the Festival offers a wide selection of film cultures from all continents.

The Festival started back in 2004, and so is still relatively new. However the Festival made its mark in 2010, when a fantastic array of 180 individual films were shown to over 25,000 film lovers and Festival goers alike.

There are a number of select film categories, one of which  is the “New Visions” categorie. This is for directors making only their first, or second films. This is a great way for the director to establish themselves and get their name out there.   

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