Comfort in the Air

To help you arrive at your destination feeling relaxed and refreshed, regardless of whether you need to be rejuvenate for your holiday or effective at achieving your goals on a business trip, these simple tips will help you to enjoy your journey.

Before your journey

  • Consult your doctor before traveling if you have any medical concerns about making a long journey, or if you suffer from a respiratory or cardiovascular condition.
  • Plan for the destination – will you need any vaccinations or special medications?
  • Get a good night’s rest before the flight.
  • Eat lightly and sensibly.
At the airport
  • Allow yourself plenty of time for check-in, or check-in online prior your flight.
  • Avoid carrying heavy bags through airport and onto the flight as this can place the body under considerable stress
  • Once through the departures try to relax as much as possible.
  • Travel lightly - Carry only the essential items that you will need during your flight.
During the flight
  • Drink plenty of water  - Rehydrate with water or juices frequently. Drink tea and coffee in moderation.
  • Equalize ear pressure - Chewing and swallowing will help equalize your ear pressure during ascent and descent. Babies and young passengers may suffer more acutely with popping ears, therefore consider providing a dummy.
  • Make yourself comfortable - Loosen clothing, remove jacket and avoid anything pressing against your body. Get as comfortable as possible when resting and turn frequently. 
  • Keep moving - Exercise your lower legs and calf muscles. This encourages blood flow. Avoid sleeping for long periods in same position.
  • Wear glasses - Cabin air is drier than normal therefore swap your contact lenses for glasses.
  • Use skin moisturizer - Apply a good quality moisturizer to ensure your skin doesn't dry out.
On arrival
  • Try some light exercises or read if you can not sleep after arrival.


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