Berlin Brandenburg Airport Passenger Trials

A major new airport's now on the verge of opening to the public in one of Europe's key capital cities.
On 3rd June, commercial operations at Berlin Brandenburg Airport will get underway but, right now - with the airport's main infrastructure now in place and ready to go - the site's hosting proof-of-concept trials to ensure it functions as it should.
Thousands of people are therefore simulating a typical passenger journey through Berlin Brandenburg and testing out its check-in desks, security checkpoints, lounges and other zones.

Berlin Brandenburg Passenger Trials
Once the Berlin Brandenburg passenger trials are completed and the hub's declared open on 3 June, it will effectively become the German capital's primary major airport, replacing no less than three previous sites. Not so many years ago, Berlin had Tegel, Tempelhof and Schonefield all in operation. Tempelhof, however, was closed four years ago while Tegel's set to transfer its international flights over to the new hub, which is sited on the same area as Schonefield.
The creation of this sole, unified airport is thought of as the next stage in the reunification of Berlin, over two decades on from the collapse of the Berlin Wall.

"Berliners are really waiting for the new airport", tourism bureau visitBerlin's CEO, Burkhard Kieker, explained in a recent statement. "We say it's one of the last missing jigsaw puzzle pieces in the resurrection of Berlin as an international mega city."

According to Berlin Brandenburg Airport's operator, the initial goal is to handle no less than 25 million passengers between June 2012 and June 2013.

Airport Passenger Trials
In a press release published on 25 April 2012, Berlin Brandenburg Airport issued a final call to residents living in Berlin and Brandenburg who might be interested in taking part in the airport passenger trial runs. Four more days of them are planned for 3rd May, 8 May, 16 May and 22 May and those wanting to participate have to be aged 18+ and be reasonably mobile.