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Indira Gandhi - most expensive airport


Berlin Brandenburg Airport Passenger Trials

A major new airport's now on the verge of opening to the public in one of Europe's key capital cities. On 3rd June, commercial operations at Berlin Brandenburg Airport will get underway but, right now - with the airport's main infrastructure now in place and ready to go - the site's hosting proof-of-concept trials to ensure it functions as it should. Thousands of people are therefore simulating a typical passenger journey through Berlin Brandenburg and testing out its check-in desks, security checkpoints, lounges and other zones.
Berlin Brandenburg Passenger Trials Once the Berlin Brandenburg passenger trials are completed and the hub's declared open on 3 June, it will effectively become the German capital's prima

FlyRights: Sikh Airport Security Complaint

A group called the Sikh Coalition has launched a mobile phone app to give Sikh airport passengers a direct line of complaint that goes straight to the US Government. Designed to be used in instances of unfair treatment, discrimination and other issues related to airport security, the FlyRights app is free to acquire and was given a worldwide launch on 30 April 2012.
As this article was being prepared, two FlyRights reports had already been submitted: one gender-based, the other religion-based. These, as with others to follow, will be looked into by both the US DHS (Department of Homeland Security) and the US TSA - the US Transport Security Administration.
According to the Sikh Coalition, US airports have been responsible for patting-down and unfairly treating Sikhs for many years and, at certain sites, secondary screening - one level up from standard screening - seems to be compulsory.
FlyRights App "The TSA asserts it doesn't profile", the Sikh Coalition's Director of Pr…