LAX Terminal 6 Upgrade Opens for Alaska Airlines

Los Angeles International Airport's upgraded Terminal 6 has been unveiled to the world after a $200m+ redevelopment programme jointly implemented by the TSA (Transport Security Administration) and LAWA (Los Angeles World Airports) over the past 13 months.

LAX Terminal 6 will now be the domain of Alaska Airlines - which has also been involved in the upgrade - and the carrier's presently relocating there from Terminal 3 - its current home.

Los Angeles Terminal 6 features a host of innovations centred on an ‘airport of the future' passenger check-in concept. For passengers, it begins with an array of self-service check-in desks, at which boarding passes can be printed and checked bags can be paid for.

Moving on, there's a bag check-in station and then an advanced conveyor belt system
which, having passed through security, feeds luggage directly onto the waiting aircraft.

New LAX Terminal 6
Elsewhere, the new LAX Terminal 6 also features an energy-efficient Board Room airline lounge with reduced-consumption lighting systems, electrical outlets in place at 50 per cent of the boarding gate area seating and new hi-tech information displays.

"Alaska's Terminal 6 is an example of what can be achieved when government and private business partner", Antonio R. Villaraigosa, the Mayor of Los Angeles, explained in an Alaska Airlines press release published on 28 March 2012. He continued: "The renovation, delivered on time and under budget, is part of LA's US$4.1 billion investment in modernising LAX. In addition to dramatically improving the travel experiences of both domestic and international passengers, the Alaska Terminal 6 project also supported over 1,000 jobs in our region."

Alaska Airlines Terminal 6 Upgrade

"We want Alaska to be the easiest airline to fly on, and our new terminal in Los Angeles epitomises our mission to make travel hassle-free and seamless for our customers", the CEO and chairman of Alaska Airlines, Bill Ayer, said of the Terminal 6 upgrade. "Our new terminal provides more room for passengers to roam, swifter passage to the security checkpoint, more convenient connections to international flights and access to electrical outlets throughout our gates.

"These state-of-the art amenities remove some of the traditional barriers between air travelers and where they want to go."