EasyJet introduces trials for allocated seats

Budget Airline EasyJet will soon begin a trial to allocate passenger seats on some of their flights, after receiving and reviewing customer feedback.

This of course is not such a big deal for most airline carriers, however it is a complete sea change for EasyJet and he low cost carrier sector in general that originally vowed to change the way we travel including the business of seat allocation.

After seeking strategic ways to improve their services, EasyJet now believe that an allocated seat system could even improve their prices and make travel easier and more organized, however this flies in the face of the original concept.

EasyJet Plus cardholder passengers travelling on the flights appointed for allocated seats trials will be able to pre-book any seats, including extra legroom seats, free of charge. the advantage of boarding the plane frst also will still be respected.

The flights selected for trials are as follows:

From 24th of April

  • Luton - Sharm el Sheikh and vice versa
  • Luton - Malaga and vice versa

From 1st of May

  • Luton - Alicante and vice versa
  • Luton - Istanbul and vice versa
  • Glasgow - Alicante and vice versa
Those travelling on the trial flights will have their seats appointed for them, with the possibility for of passengers being able to change them if they are not satisfied with their option.

This is clearly an interesting development and perhaps EasyJet are beginning to realise that it's better to deal with the middle seat issue from the outset and stop all the tedious games to block seats in addition to the uncivilised rush to board, by allocating seats at the time of booking.