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TweetAFlight: Pay for Airline Tickets Using Twitter

A revolutionary new product that enables passengers to pay for their flight using their twitter account has been unveiled by the aerospace social media consultancy firm, The Travel Strategist. 17 months in the making, the product is expected be a game changer for the industry.


Air France KLM SA Announces Update on Business Transformation Plan Including Creation of New Regional Division

Air France KLM SA presented an update on the company's business transformation plan, TransForm 2015. The objective of the plan is to reduce controllable costs by 20% to reach the industry level. Amongst other things, the Company will also establish a new organization, streamlining processes and procedures, reducing the number of hierarchical levels, improving management practices and deepening the integration with KLM. The Company also announced that its goal is to return to break-even for point to point service in 2013 and for the entire short and medium haul business in 2014. The first steps include developing the Transavia subsidiary under its own or another brand. The regional commercial offensive also will be extended to the rest of the point to point network, including Orly, with all components of the offer clarified and optimized. Finally, a true, standardized regional division will be created to optimize the working relationship between Air France and its regional subsidi…

Satellite-Guided Airport Landing Trials

June 2012 sees the start of an innovative new airport landing trial programme at Seattle-Tacoma International.

Spearheaded by Alaska Airlines, it involves advanced satellite technology and it's designed to enable airliners to carry out more fuel-efficient and timely landings.

For over 70 years, radar navigation has been a feature of air travel and it's allowed ATC workers to plot the state of the skies, around an airport, on a regularly-updated basis. These updates, though, occur at a rate of ten per minute, whereas the satellite-based system works constantly.

Once in place at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, it'll permit aircraft approaches to be made at a constant angle of descent, rather than the staggered path followed at present.
Satellite Landing Trials
The technology behind the Alaska Airlines' satellite landing trials isn't brand new but it will be making its debut outside Alaska and, to boot, will be used at a major airport for the first time.

Data publish…

CAA data shows improved punctuality performance at the 10 major UK airports

Interesting data recently released by the UK Civil Aviation Authority (known as CAA) demonstrates that from the months October to December 2011 the overall on-time performance (defined as the proportion of flights arriving or departing early or up to 15 mins late) of scheduled flights at the 10 UK airports monitored was 80%. This is a notable 12% higher than in the 4th quarter of 2010. The average delay across all scheduled flights monitored was 11 mins, which is a fall of 10 mins compared with to the same period in back in 2010. 
Within the 4th quarter of 2011, the punctuality of 319,000 scheduled and 13,000 charter passenger flights was measured at 10 airports. This represents a 3.2% increase in scheduled flights and a 6.9% decrease in charter flights, compared with the final quarter of 2010. Here below is a summary of the results in bullet form:
In the 4th quarter of 2011, 80% of scheduled flights were "on-time". This is up from 68% in the 4th quarter of 2010. The average…

LAX Terminal 6 Upgrade Opens for Alaska Airlines

Los Angeles International Airport's upgraded Terminal 6 has been unveiled to the world after a $200m+ redevelopment programme jointly implemented by the TSA (Transport Security Administration) and LAWA (Los Angeles World Airports) over the past 13 months.

LAX Terminal 6 will now be the domain of Alaska Airlines - which has also been involved in the upgrade - and the carrier's presently relocating there from Terminal 3 - its current home.

Los Angeles Terminal 6 features a host of innovations centred on an ‘airport of the future' passenger check-in concept. For passengers, it begins with an array of self-service check-in desks, at which boarding passes can be printed and checked bags can be paid for.

Moving on, there's a bag check-in station and then an advanced conveyor belt system
which, having passed through security, feeds luggage directly onto the waiting aircraft.
New LAX Terminal 6
Elsewhere, the new LAX Terminal 6 also features an energy-efficient Board Room airline …

Heathrow Passenger Rush Precedes Easter Strike

Heathrow Airport is braced to deal with an influx of passengers today as the UK's Easter holidays get underway.

With the Easter weekend still some days away, the UK's flagship airport is nonetheless prepared for 30 March to be the break's busiest period.

The Easter weekend itself could see luggage backlogs develop at another site, London Stansted Airport, on Good Friday, Easter Saturday and Easter Monday, after the hub's baggage workers said they'd be going on strike.

Stansted Airport Strike
The London Stansted Airport strike action's related to shift alterations imposed by Swissport Stansted which, its workers claim, could leave them up to £1,000 a year out of pocket.

In a statement, however, Swissport stressed that London Stansted's Easter weekend operations would be unaffected and that there's no prospect of disruption.

"Swissport is disappointed that the GMB trade union has decided to call industrial action. The company wants to avoid redu…

EasyJet introduces trials for allocated seats

Budget Airline EasyJet will soon begin a trial to allocate passenger seats on some of their flights, after receiving and reviewing customer feedback.
This of course is not such a big deal for most airline carriers, however it is a complete sea change for EasyJet and he low cost carrier sector in general that originally vowed to change the way we travel including the business of seat allocation.

After seeking strategic ways to improve their services, EasyJet now believe that an allocated seat system could even improve their prices and make travel easier and more organized, however this flies in the face of the original concept.

EasyJet Plus cardholder passengers travelling on the flights appointed for allocated seats trials will be able to pre-book any seats, including extra legroom seats, free of charge. the advantage of boarding the plane frst also will still be respected.

The flights selected for trials are as follows:

From 24th of April
Luton - Sharm el Sheikh and vice versaLuton - Mal…