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May Opening For New International Atlanta Terminal

The opening of the world's largest airport's new international terminal will occur in just over one month's time, it's been announced.

Already the busiest airport on Earth, Hartsfield-Jackson hit a new milestone in 2011, with close to 10 million international passengers passing through, alongside close to 70,000 international flight movements. According to the FAA, the passenger-handling level is set to have surpassed 13 million by the end of December 2015.

Positioned on the eastern side of Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, the Maynard H. Jackson Jr. International Terminal should originally have been operational in 2006, but has experienced a protracted development period. Now, it will open for business on 16 May 2012, according to Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed.

New Atlanta Terminal
The new Atlanta terminal takes its name from the late Maynard Holbrook Jackson Jr - Atlanta's first African-American Mayor - who passed away in 2003.

"The opening of the…

NASA’s Next-Gen Augmented Reality Cockpit Displays

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) is working on a pair of glasses intended for commercial airline pilots landing at severely fogged-up airports.

The augmented reality-themed glasses feature an HUD (Heads-Up Display) that projects an overlay of the airport's runway and general layout, to aid pilots maintain safe control of commercial aircraft when airport conditions are at their worst.

While the idea of embedding augmented reality (AR) directly into pilots' glasses is new, the marriage of AR and aviation is already well-established.
Augmented Reality Cockpit Displays
This next-generation augmented reality pilot display technology is under development at NASA's Virginia-based Langley Research Center and the administration's presently seeking to collaborate with an external partner to bring the concept to commercial life.

Heads-Up Displays were initially confined to just two commercial aircraft designs - the Boeing 737 NG (New Generation) series and the…

FAA Studies Aircraft Passenger Electronic Device Use

The US FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) is looking into implementing rules that would allow airline passengers to use electronic gadgets while aircraft are arriving at or departing the world's airports.

Presently, there's legislation in place that allows all carriers to put specific types of personal music players, tablets and the like through trials to ensure they're safely compatible with the electrical systems on board commercial aircraft.

However, the sheer volume of electronic gadgets on the market, combined with the impracticality of expansive test programmes, has limited the number of airlines who've actually done this to a small handful.

Aircraft Electronic Device Tests
The FAA's therefore moving to initiate discussions between dominant airline groups, the manufacturers of these Personal Electronic Devices (PEDs) and other parties to, potentially, get these aircraft electronic device use tests underway.

At present, PEDs can't be used by passeng…

Architectural Wonders


Gatwick Solar System

Gatwick Airport now boasts the UK's first liveside solar system, positioned 150 metres away from the main runway.

Rated at 50 Kilowatts, the solar system is comprised of photovoltaic panels that convert solar energy into electricity. It's been installed by UK group Orta Solar and not only is it a UK first but it represents just one component of Gatwick's wider CO2 reduction programme, which aims to limit the site's contribution to climate change resulting from greenhouse gas emissions.

This should see, in future years, a more extensive Gatwick solar power system put in operation.

Airport Solar Technology
Several issues had to be overcome before this airport solar technology could be put in place. These included ensuring that the system didn't produce potentially dangerous forms of glare or interrupt any of the radar signals transmitted at ground level. To guarantee that the criteria for safe operation were met, both NATS (the National Air Traffic Service) and the CA…