The German Government plant malware on the Laptops of Travellers at customs

In an age of austerity and eroding human rights it appears that the German Government have taken it into their own hands to deliberately plant malware onto the Laptops of unsuspecting travellers passing through German customs.

It was the well known hackers group aptly called the "Chaos Computer Club" that first uncovered this extraordinary issue. In essence the Malware is like a Spyware that can syphon away intimate data, but also offers a remote control and back door functionality for uploading and executing arbitrary other programs. Significant design and implementation flaws make all of the functionality available to literally anyone on the Internet.

One would have thought that if the German Government were going to play such games with their own citizens that at least it would be secure Spyware! The Chaos Computer Club went on to suggest that the Spyware could even be used to plant evidence, giving this matter a 1984 feel. Moreover, it could turn on Web cams record conversations and load any other software to the Users Computer.

A number of different Anti Virus Companies managed to obtain the source code and confirmed the finding. Apparently FC Secure stated that "they had no reason to doubt the Chaos Computer Clubs findings". Shockingly a number of German states have come out to admit that they used the Malware in the conduct of various investigations,

Surely the European Law of Human Rights should get involved concerning this fragrant disrespect for basic civil liberties! The average traveller and man in the street should be under no illusions that such Government led practices are taking in various countries around the world.