The European Austerity Poem

As a historical European economic crisis unfolds before our very eyes and we see a shift of real power move to Asia, here is a fitting poem that I wrote to capture the light side of this new reality:

Who will tell the Greeks they will have to go Bust?
It seems that the euro may no more be a Must!
It's the EU austerity answer to prevailing economic disaster,
Tax more of the same and cut everything that we Trust.
Emotionally complex Italians are beginning to Shrink!
And who will inform the Swiss they are no longer in Sync?
Regardless of grandiose desires, it now bitterly transpires,
That the once ice cool will soon fade, melt or Sink!
There's nothing like the sound of the shallow jumping in at the Deep!
As the countries on the edge are beginning to Weep!
Seeking a Political womb or Troika counseling room,
In the end, the people contribute more than they Keep!
Who will advise the non-elected EU commissions they were never in Demand?
And that the power of the vote should be the only Command,
Highly creative expenses and commissions that are simply senseless,
But finally the Brits had the stomach to Stand.
German's collude with the voice of Big Brother,
Preaching to the sick, mortally ill and the multiple Other.
But Brexit means Brexit and those Brit's finally made it,
A return to the independence of a Colonial Mother!
So how will the mighty Europe eventually End?
Perhaps begging to the Chinese with an extended Bend!
The concept of bail-out is no longer a lingering doubt,
It boils down to the message they will finally fudge to Send.