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Three US Students Arrested in Cairo

A fourth day of protests and violence continues in Cairo's Tahrir Square with thousand of protestors flooding into the city and being met by security forces firing tear gas and rubber bullets. During the clashes three U.S. students attending American University in Cairo were arrested for throwing fire bombs outside the interior ministry offices. The students are said to be in police custody and are being investigated for their alleged activities. No names have been released.


Travellers Choice 2011 - Best Food & Wine Destinations

Top 10 Food & Wine Destinations in the United States 1 New Orleans, Louisiana

Breakfast in New Orleans is relatively easy: go for beignets and chicory coffee. For lunch and dinner, though, you’ll have to choose from an almost bewildering array of options, from Cajun or Creole specialties to BBQ to some of the best French food you can find outside France.

Don't miss
Cafe Du MondeCommander's PalaceNew Orleans School of CookingOld New Orleans Rum Distillery
2 Napa, California
Everyone knows Napa as a wine destination, and it lives up to the hype. This is oenophile heaven, and you could spend days going from tasting room to tasting room. There’s a flourishing restaurant scene, too, featuring everything from Michelin-starred standouts to tiny local bistros.
Don't miss:
Napa Valley Wine TrainMustards GrillO'Brien Estate WineryVintner's Collective3 Chicago, Illinois
Chicago has high-end, world-famous restaurants like Alinea, the temple of molecular gastronomy where you m…

The German Government plant malware on the Laptops of Travellers at customs

In an age of austerity and eroding human rights it appears that the German Government have taken it into their own hands to deliberately plant malware onto the Laptops of unsuspecting travellers passing through German customs.

It was the well known hackers group aptly called the "Chaos Computer Club" that first uncovered this extraordinary issue. In essence the Malware is like a Spyware that can syphon away intimate data, but also offers a remote control and back door functionality for uploading and executing arbitrary other programs. Significant design and implementation flaws make all of the functionality available to literally anyone on the Internet.

One would have thought that if the German Government were going to play such games with their own citizens that at least it would be secure Spyware! The Chaos Computer Club went on to suggest that the Spyware could even be used to plant evidence, giving this matter a 1984 feel. Moreover, it could turn on Web cams record conv…

IBM Announces Mobile Security Service

IBM recently announced a new mobile security service to protect sensitive corporate data. IBM says, "The service helps organizations protect against data loss and other risks caused by device theft, unauthorized access, malware, spyware, and inappropriate applications. It is designed to help mitigate security risks associated with the increasing number of employee-owned and corporate-liable mobile devices accessing sensitive business data."


Floods Close Second Bangkok Airport

Historic floods in Thailand, which have left more than 360 people dead, have forced the closing of a second airport in Bangkok. Don Muang airport in the northern part of that city, which is being used to house evacuees from the floods is not expected to re-open for a week.


Ruling Party Official Says Putin to be Presidential Candidate

An official from Russia's ruling United Russia party told state-owned RIA Novosti on Saturday that party members are going to nominate former president and current prime minister Vladimir Putin to be its presidential candidate in next March's election.
Of course there is very little chance of Putin not winning his third (non-consecutive) term as Russia's president.


Trip Advisor, Sleep in a tree-house

Sleep in a treehouse!
Or maybe you'd prefer a houseboat or a windmill. These 10 quirky vacation rentals are incredibly creative and ready for your next vacation.
1. Unique Hilltop Windmill
Odemira, Portugal
From this hilltop haven you can enjoy the Alentejo, Portugal's best kept secret, at its best. Situated in an ecological reserve, the mill stands on a hill overlooking the plains that roll their way from the Atlantic coast to the Spanish border.

2. Exotic Treehouse at Kilauea Volcano
Volcano, Hawaii, US
While this vacation rental may stir up fond memories from childhood, the Exotic Treehouse at Kailauea Volcano is a fantastic choice for a romantic escape, nestled in the canopy level of a forest just minutes from the gate to Hawaii Volcanoes National Park.

3. Orchard Lodge Cabin
Lincoln, England
Located in rural surroundings on an 800 acre farm and close to the great Lincolnshire coast line. The two bathrooms feature a Swedish Sauna, a large spa bath, and a steam massage shower wi…

Floods Close Second Bangkok Airport

Historic floods in Thailand, which have left more than 360 people dead, have forced the closing of a second airport in Bangkok. Don Muang airport in the northern part of that city, which is being used to house evacuees from the floods is not expected to re-open for a week.

Palestine Accepted into UN's Cultural Agency

The UN's cultural agency voted to accept Palestine as a full member of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). The vote was 107 to 14 with 52 abstentions. While the U.S. currently provides 22 percent of UNESCO's funding, laws passed in the 1990's prohibit the U.S. from financing any UN organization that allows Palestine as a full member. That means UNESCO could lose some $70 million annually as the U.S. laws come into play.