Wise words from a wise man, Felipe Cubilios

Dear Perpetual Traveller Overseas readers

As a New Year is about to begin, we would like to share with you the wise words of Felipe Cubillos who sadly died in 2011 when his fateful plane to Juan Fernandez Island (Chile) crashed killing him and another 20 passengers. The purpose of his journey was to monitor the status of the rebuilding work being carried out in the wake of the 2010 earthquake. In particular the rebuilding work focused on all the little countryside schools destroyed and to empower fishermen to work again. Felipe Cubillos was truly a remarkable man that left aside successful businesses in his personal quest to help the most needed.

What I learned in the regatta around the world
By Felipe Cubillos

  1. About your children, they are definitely not yours, just love them and try to educate them by example, if you can transfer them to seek their own dreams, not yours. Do not expect them to thank you for all that you do for them, their gratitude will come many years later, perhaps after you become a grandfather. But if in the meantime, they get to say they are proud to be your son/daughter, consider yourself highly rewarded. And if any of them should die before you do, at least you will have the comfort that you told them many times how much you love them.
  2. About your parents, never stop thanking them the fact that they brought to this wonderful world and gave you the chance to live, just that, life!
  3. About the sea, the wind and nature, admire it and cherish it, it is unique and we have no other. And the sea and wind, never try to defeat them or challenge them. They have everything to win. If you want to be a sailor, get used to live in permanent crisis.
  4. About the limits, they do not exist or are far beyond what you think. How much further? That is the question, you have to take you to the end and then find out.
  5. About the talent, is useless if not accompanied by determination, planning, discipline and perseverance. Talent is ephemeral, determination, eternal.
  6. About love, thank the Universe if you wake up each morning with a kiss and a smile. And do as bees and butterflies, they do not look for cutest flower in the garden, but the one that has the highest content.
  7. About the society, help those who are equally or more capable than you, but have not had the same opportunities than you. They are the most forgotten of society as society always help to those who ask for it, but I'm referring to those who do not seek help, that just need a chance. I still dream about a more fair and human society.
  8. About Leadership, I miss in today's world those leaders who did what to do and told what to say, without expecting immediate results in the polls. I refer to those who marked a path, not following the masses.
  9. About the wealth, once you have covered your cash flow, try to buy more time than money, more freedom than slavery.
  10. About the anguish and bitterness, when you think something is not possible and problems overwhelm you, that you are not capable, take the time to see the stars and wait up for the dawn, you'll find that there always comes the sun, always!
  11. About the winning, if you want to succeed you must be willing to fail a thousand times and willing to lose everything you've got. And do not be afraid to lose everything, because if you've earned it, for sure you'll get it back far exceeded.
  12. About the present, live intensely, is the only moment that really matters, those who live clinging to the past are already dead and those dreaming about the future, yet unborn.
  13. About the success and failure, acknowledge them as two impostors, but especially learn from failure, your own and from others, there's too much knowledge not generally used.
  14. About friends, choose those that are with you when you're on the ground because when you are in the glory, you'll be overrun.
  15. About the team, encourage them through tough times and never let one abandon you for making a mistake, that is the most important one.
  16. About your country, love the land that saw you at birth, work for making it a better place for everyone and walk proudly your flag, whatever it is (whether are good or bad at soccer).
  17. About effort, do not ever give up, do not believe that when something is taking too much is because it should, is simply that the universe is testing you on whether or not you're worthy of success.
  18. About the fear, do not fear it, it's a great teammate, but do not be paralized by it and don't be afraid to be considered crazy or ridiculous, history teaches us that great lessons and tremendous discoveries are the product of those moments.
  19. About God and heaven, I think if we act doing good, we may be on the waiting list if heaven exists and if not, we would have had our own heaven on earth.I did not found God only in the South Sea, in the clouds, storms, the waves, or the finish line or the start, but also that he was always with us, inside, deep inside us.
  20. When in doubt of what to do, ask yourself what is your Cape Horn, arm yourself with a small backpack to carry just enough to survive and begin to walk. And be sure to look at the sky, then discover the albatross that will teach you to take off and fly free of effort. You will realize you do not need to fly in a flock.
  21. Never, ever give up your dreams, pursue them passionately and does not matter if you do not succeed, the trip alone will be worth living, hopefully the dream you pursue is the impossible dream.
  22. If you're fortunate one day to compete with rivals as big as those we had to face in this regatta, honor them, admire them, but give all you have to defeat them fair and square, they deserve it.
  23. If in the day of my death I am given the choice to be reborn, I choose to be an Albatross and fly the South Sea to watch the intrepid sailors who risk their lives and leave everything searching for their dreams, the impossible dream.
  24. And never take too seriously a sailor who is completing a world tour. He only knows how to sail a little better, nothing else!