Passenger Sleepbox Installed at Moscow Airport

 Moscow Airport Sleepbox
New technology on exhibition at one of Moscow's busiest airports is giving passengers a break from the stress and the tiredness that air travel can cause.

Designed by Arch Group, the Sleepbox isn't a new idea in itself, but it's arguably the most effective realisation of the passenger relaxation concept, giving weary travellers a place to recharge in between flights, or in the event of flight delays or cancellations.

It's not uncommon for passengers to need to book into local hotels, when faced with the prospect of having to wait overnight for their morning flight. That's not always a straightforward process, especially in foreign countries. The Sleepbox effectively takes away this need, bringing a kind of basic hotel experience straight to them instead. It can be supplied in a variety of fits but the one at Moscow's Sheremetyevo International Airport boasts a pair of beds in a bunk bed arrangement, space for luggage storage, a nightstand and a desk, and it's constructed from MDF, covered in a layer of ash veneer.

The Moscow airport Sleepbox also boasts soft lighting as a means of enhancing its restful interior. If the design enters widespread commercial service, its design team envisage it being rented out on an as-required basis. That would see passengers essentially having use of it for the exact length of time they need.

The use of the Sleepbox wouldn't just be confined to airports - the four metre-square resting space could, equally, be deployed at train stations, exhibition centres and even in shopping centres. ‘Sleepbox allows everybody in unforeseen circumstances to spend a night safely and inexpensively or simply to kill a few hours without leaving the luggage', Arch Group states in a press release, adding that, so far, the airport passenger Sleepbox concept on show at Sheremetyevo has created quite a buzz.

‘This Sleepbox attracted such a great deal of interest from passengers and big companies that chances are first commercially operated boxes will be installed at airports and in the city by the end of this year', it says. The Arch Group Architectural Bureau was formed four years ago and the Sleepbox concept was designed in 2009.

Sheremetyevo International Airport is Russia's second-biggest airport and, last year, handled upwards of 19 million passengers, along with over 184,000 individual aircraft arrivals and departures. It's been in operation for over 50 years and features five terminals and a pair of parallel runways.