Milan Fashion Week


When: 21 - 27 Sep 2011 (various dates)
Where: Milano Fashion Center
Recently extended to include an increasing number of catwalk shows, Milan Fashion Week reinforces the city's importance in the global fashion industry. Hot new styles are sent down the catwalk twice a year at the Milano Fashion Center.
At Milan Fashion Week, Gucci, Armani, D&G, Prada and many other top international designers offer a preview of trends to come. Although you do need an invitation to see the catwalk shows, this is nonetheless a good time to visit the city, which is booming with fashion tourists and glamorous parties throughout the week.
Get a piece of the action over cappuccino and biscotti on the pedestrianised Via Della Spiga, where you can admire the theatrical shop windows, and watch fashionistas and beautiful locals posing in their finest.