BagMessage: Real-Time Passenger Luggage Tracking

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A pair of IT firms is working in partnership to deliver a new concept in baggage handling to the global airport arena.

Together, Amadeus and SITA are advancing a technique that could be introduced in early 2012. Once activated, it would give airline passengers the power to check the location of their luggage, in real time, no matter where its location.

Passengers equipped with handheld devices, including smartphones, would be able to use a hi-tech tagging system that follows the journey of luggage across the world. That simply means that, from the moment a bag leaves a passenger's possession, to the moment it's picked up again at the other end, it can be pursued through technology - a facility that's never before been directly available to travellers.
Passenger Luggage Tracking

According to Amadeus, once in place, the passenger luggage tracking system has the potential to seriously bring down the number of suitcases and bags lost or misplaced across the airline industry each year. That total, in 2010, ran to 29 million.

No less than 54 airports are set to receive the tracking system, known as BagMessage. Airports and airliners already have access to it but it's currently off-limits to passengers themselves.

"In the future, passengers will get real-time updates on their luggage when SITA's technology is used", a representative for SITA explained.
BagMessage: Real-Time Tracking System

"The airport itself is one of the last frontiers in delivering the ‘total trip experience'. If airlines are to overcome this challenge, it is important that they address the issue of mishandled baggage, which is a persistent problem for the industry and a very disruptive issue for passengers", Amadeus Airline IT's Vice President, Julia Sattel, said in a statement on the BagMessage real-time tracking system.

"In fact it's an area where technology can make a real difference, and Amadeus' and SITA's vision for the airport is to deliver solutions based on collaboration and data sharing between all relevant parties, including airlines, airports and ground handlers. Our work with SITA shows how sophisticated technology can deliver real improvements to the passenger experience."