All Ireland Finals

When: September 2011
Where: Dublin, Ireland.

Dublin is one of the most exciting capital cities in the world and the All Ireland Finals are one of the most exhilarating sporting events to witness. Tens of thousands of spectators storm Dublin's Croke Park and cheer their county to victory.
Trinity College, Dublin Castle, O'Connell Street, Guinness and many, many more top most travel itineraries, except during the All Ireland Finals. On competition days, the only place to be is Croke Park. Gaelic football and hurling are two Irish sports loved proudly that make up the All Ireland Finals. The ends of both seasons culminate in the All Ireland Hurling Finals and the All Ireland Football Finals.
Dublin swells with people from far and wide in September as the masses head for Croke Park. Word to the wise; if you are planning to visit Dublin in September, reserve cottages in Ireland with plenty of time to spare to ensure you secure accommodation!
The All Ireland Hurling Final takes place on either the first or second Sunday of September and the football final follow either on the third or fourth Sunday of September. During the finals weekends Dublin is a sea of green. It's nothing but team jerseys, scarves, jackets and hats as far as the eye can see. Tens of thousands have seats in the park and for all those that remain ticket-less, there is no shortage of pubs showing the match. Pints are raised and songs are sung as the people cheer and jeer long into the small hours of the morning. If it is a little peace and quiet you seek, book a weekend away at holiday cottages in Ireland outside of Dublin.
Although it is fair to say that every pub in every town will be proudly showing the matches!