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Asst Manager Demand Planning GlobalHunt India

Job Description
Assistant Manager - Demand Planning (East)
Location: Kolkata

Is fully responsible for Demand Planning for one region across franchise, inventory planning – Norms setting at C&FA level, improvement in customer service, managing fill rates for key accounts, and supporting the country S&OP processes.

Inventory ManagementC&FA ManagementGenerate statistical forecast using APO and incorporate market intelligence using field forecast to arrive at final forecast.Generate SKU wise short term and long term forecasts.Analyze sales trend and forecast error to identify areas of opportunity for inventory optimization.Maintain all system Parameters for forecasting & deployment planning.Generate DRP and ensure stock availability in co-ordination with planning and distribution.Set Inventory norms across stocking locations sufficing appropriate service levels and Inventory Targets.Coordinate deployment of stocks from plants to distribution centers as per foreca…

Deterrent Grass Could Stop Airport Bird Strikes

Airport bird strikes could become a thing of the past if a newly-developed type of grass is put into widespread use. Conceived and produced in New Zealand, the material may provide a solution to a problem that costs the aviation industry an estimated $1.4bn dollars each year.

The so-called Jackal grass seed incorporates a type of fungus that produces an unpleasant taste for birds and other creatures, giving it deterrent properties suitable for airport settings, especially around runway and taxiway areas.

Birds that eat the grass, which is now being sold as Avanex, aren't harmed by it, but it does make them sick afterwards. It's been undergoing testing since the late 1990s and, as a result, scientists are confident that the fungus-infected grass is enough of an avian deterrent to stop birds eating it again, once they've tried it.
Bird Deterrent Grass

The bird deterrent grass was developed by Doctor Pennell and colleagues at AgResearch - a state-owned New Zealand biotech firm.


al-Qaeda Second-in-Command Believed to be Dead

Pakistan — On Saturday (8/27) multiple outlets reported a U.S. official has said al-Qaeda's second-in-command, Atiyah abd al-Rahman, was killed in a recent U.S. drone strike in Pakistan near the Afghan border.
However, as of Monday there is no official word yet from either the U.S. or Pakistani governments to confirm al-Rahman's fate.


UN Warns of Bird Flu Reemergence

The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) today issued a statement warning about "a possible major resurgence of the H5N1 Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza." The FAO says that in the last 24 months H5N1 has "shown up in poultry or wild birds in countries that had been virus-free for several years."


Two Injured in Jet Way Collapse at LAX

A portion of a jet way collapsed sending two exiting passengers falling 10 feet to the tarmac at Los Angles International Airport Wednesday evening. The LA Times reports the passengers sustained injuries and were taken to a local hospital where they are in fair condition.


Russia's Soyuz Rockets Grounded During Accident Investigation

Russia lost an unmanned Progress cargo space craft Wednesday after it failed to separate from its Soyuz-U carrier rocket and crashed back into the Earth somewhere in Siberia.
The space freighter was to deliver 2.7 tons of food, medical and scientific equipment, and other items to the International Space Station (ISS).
While the Russian space agency, Roscosmos, says the loss of the supplies does not compromise the safety of the ISS astronauts, the real problem is that Russia has now grounded its Soyuz rocket program until it can figure out what caused the accident. This means there is no way to get supplies or a replacement crew to the ISS.
Should the astronauts need to abandon the ISS they can use the Russian-made escape vehicle docked there.


United Replacing Paper Flight Decks with iPads

United has begun replacing its pilot-issued flight decks with iPads. By the end of the year all 11,000 United and Continental pilots will have their own iPads instead of the 38 pounds of paper operating manuals, navigation charts, reference handbooks, flight checklists, logbooks and weather information that is carried in their flight bags.
United is the first airline to go completely paperless with its flight decks. The company says the change will save 16 million sheets of paper and 326,000 gallons of jet fuel a year.


Airports Shut Down Following East Coast Earthquake

A 5.8 magnitude earthquake centered northwest of Richmond, Va., shook much of Washington, D.C., just before 2:00 PM today (8/23) and was felt as far north as Boston, and as far south as Atlanta.

As a precaution many public facilities, the Pentagon and the Capitol were evacuated, and some airports along the east coast corridor were temporarily closed, including Newark and JFK.


UN Building Bombed in Nigeria

A massive car bomb exploded outside the United Nations building in the Nigerian capital Abuja today. It isn't clear who is responsible or how many casualties there are, but it is being reported the blast killed or wounded a number of people.

As for who's to blame, the two likely suspects are either the fundamental Islamic group Boko Haram, or al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM)."


V.Hospitality is seeking a Marine Engineer-Luxury Resort in Maldives.

Job Description:
The Marine Engineer will be looking after the Resort’s fleet of boats including: 2x55ft yachts, a couple of dive boat, 3 outboard speedboats, 2 goods & people ferries. The candidate will coordinate the maintenance and upkeep of all speedboats, dhonis and whalers. This will be a full time consultancy contract of 2 years and will report to the Director of Engineering, working with a team of 2 mechanics. 

Must have a technical degree in Marine Engineering .Must have prior experience in handling the maintenance & upkeep of above mentioned fleet .Ability to live and work on a remote environment – a previous experience would be a define.Candidate must have excellent organizational, managerial and planning skills Single status only Salary.Benefits and further information to be discussed at time of interview.

How to Apply
Send application to

Guest Relations Manager - Five Star property in UAE

Job Description:
We are looking for the candidates (females only) with the Front Office/Guest Relations experience at the level of at least Team Leader in a resort property in the Middle East/North Africa/Indian Ocean.


The distinctive advantage will be German and/or Russian language skills.

How to apply

Please send resume/photos/ referees contacts to office@luxuryjobsinternational​.com

Air Berlin Plc Announces CEO Changes

Air Berlin Plc announced that Mr. Joachim Hunold intends to offer his resignation from the office as Chief Executive Officer of the Company as per September 1, 2011. Mr. Joachim Hunold would like to remain bound to the Company for the future as a Non-Executive Director and has recommended that Mr. Hartmut Mehdorn who is already a Member of the Board of Directors of the Company becomes his interim successor as Chief Executive Officer. Moreover, the Company informed that it has launched a package of measures that includes, inter alia, a capacity reduction by more than one million seats in the second half of 2011 and the ensuing reduction of the fleet by eight aircraft, the cancellation of unprofitable routes, flight frequency reductions, the partial withdrawal from regional airports, and the concentration on the Berlin, Duesseldorf, Palma de Mallorca and Vienna hubs.

Best Worldwide Events in September 2011

Here below are the best Perpetual Traveller Overseas sourced Events around the world for the month of September 2011:
Milan Fashion Week

When: 21 - 27 Sep 2011 (various dates) Where: Milano Fashion Center Recently extended to include an increasing number of catwalk shows, Milan Fashion Week reinforces the city's importance in the global fashion industry. Hot new styles are sent down the catwalk twice a year at the Milano Fashion Center. At Milan Fashion Week, Gucci, Armani, D&G, Prada and many other top international designers offer a preview of trends to come. Although you do need an invitation to see the catwalk shows, this is nonetheless a good time to visit the city, which is booming with fashion tourists and glamorous parties throughout the week. Get a piece of the action over cappuccino and biscotti on the pedestrianised Via Della Spiga, where you can admire the theatrical shop windows, and watch fashionistas and beautiful locals posing in their finest.
Source: www.whatsonwhen.…

Killer Sharks in Seychelles

A British man on his honeymoon has been killed by a shark in the Seychelles, less than a fortnight after a French tourist was also fatally bitten in the waters off the same island.

The 30-year-old, named as Ian Redmond from Lancashire, was attacked on Tuesday while his bride was sunbathing on the shore, according to reports. The shark struck in the waters off Anse Lazio beach on the island of Praslin, the second largest in the Indian Ocean archipelago and a popular destination with honeymooning Britons.

A tourist in a dinghy dragged the man on board and brought him ashore and another holidaymaker then tried to save his life, according to a report in the Daily Mail. "We heard screaming and people started running down the beach towards the water," an American tourist was quoted as saying. "Someone had seen a fin sticking out of the water, and then we saw a dinghy pulling a man from the water".

"I saw the swimmer, who was missing a huge chunk of flesh from his lef…

Airport Tsunami Risk Highest for Haneda

New data has identified Japan's Tokyo International Airport as the one most likely to be the victim of a future tsunami.

When the east coast of Japan was struck by a tsunami in March, it was Sendai Airport that was most badly-damaged. Tokyo International (also known as Haneda) and Narita International were both affected but Sendai became submerged under a wave of water and mud, which halted operations there for over a month.

However, statistically, Haneda is the site most at risk, according to the work carried out by University College London's Matt Owen.

Airport Tsunami Risk
For his airport tsunami risk report, he drew on data compiled by NOAA - the US National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration - relating to historical tsunamis and then looked at this alongside earthquake data.

In both instances, Owen studied the size of these events, and how often they were happening. He deduced from this that Pacific coastlines were the most susceptible areas, then looked at the …

US Airport Security Breaches: 25,000+ Since 2001

New data released by the US government on 13th July has highlighted how US airports experienced over 25,000 individual security breaches over the past decade and stressed that current luggage screening technologies are, in the main, well outmoded.

According to the data – recorded between November 2001 and the present day – over 14,000 passengers successfully accessed restricted parts of airports, while others made the journey from terminal to aircraft without authorisation.

However, a representative for the US Transport Security Administration inferred, it’s important to view these statistics within the wider US air travel situation, with the numbers identified representing a minute percentage of the 5.5 billion passengers that passed through one or more of the 450 dominant airports in the US during the timeframe covered.

Likewise, Nicholas Kimball explained, the word ‘breach’ has a wide definition and can refer to non-deliberate violations, with no significant impact of the safety of…

New London Thames Airport Plans Released

London-based architectural firm Foster + Partners is working with engineering consultancy firm Halcrow Group Limited on London's future airport design.

The Thames Airport would be a massive air travel site and is envisaged as the current Heathrow Airport's replacement. It would be constructed in the Thames Estuary area, east of London, and have the capacity to handle 150 million passengers a year (London Heathrow, by comparison, handled close to 66 million in 2010).

The Thames Airport would feature several features optimized to its environment, including the use of renewable energy derived from tidal power and flood barriers to keep the airport free of water ingress. It's also one element of a much wider UK transport program, generating stronger links between existing road, sea and air travel facilities.

London Thames Airport Plans
More detailed information on the London Thames Airport plans is set to be published later on this summer but, for now, the subject's been c…

Newark Liberty Has Most US Airport Flight Delays

What's the most delayed US airport flight? According to newly-released data, it's Delta Air Lines Flight 2743, which operates between Newark Liberty International and Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International airports.

Second-placed is the same carrier's Flight 2843, which covers an identical route.

The two services are, on average, one hour 23 minutes (83 minutes) and one hour 19 minutes (79 minutes) late, respectively and, because of these and other delays, Newark Liberty is recognized as the most flight-delayed airport of any in the United States.

The figures come from a US Department of Transportation division, the Bureau of Transportation Statistics, which says that, even though there's been a decrease in overall US airport flight levels - owing to oil price rises - delays to flights carry on increasing regardless.

Newark Liberty International Airport is the US' 14th-busiest but hosts a staggering 40 per cent of the most-delayed arrivals or departures in the co…

Heathrow’s ULTra PRT Robot Taxis Now In Service

The ULTra PRT (Personal Rapid Transit) electric robot pods, previewed by Airport International back in August 2009, have now entered full operational service at the UK's flagship airport, London Heathrow.

Commissioned by Heathrow's operator, BAA, and developed by the ULTra PRT firm, the system's comprised of 3.86 kilometers of track and 22 individual pods.

The pods, which are entirely autonomous, link a pair of parking lots with the airport's newest passenger facility, Terminal 5, and they're available around the clock. That's not to say that they run 24/7, but that a passenger can ‘hail' one any time he/she likes.

In the absence of a constantly-running service, the system reportedly saves energy, compared to older transport methods. There are other environmental features, too, including the batteries that power them, which are recycled once they've been worn out.

Heathrow Robot Taxi
The frame of each Heathrow robot taxi is constructed from a plastic/st…

Heathrow is Official London Olympics Airport

Full confirmation has now been given that London Heathrow will be the official London 2012 Olympic Games airport. Similarly, it will be the official host airport for the subsequent Paralympic Games, too.

Consequently, it's now anticipated that the 13 August 2012 - the day after the Olympic Games - will be busier than any other day in Heathrow's history. Never before will Heathrow have handled over 200,000 bags over a 24 hour period and the actual figure could exceed even that, beating the current 160,00-bag record.

Heathrow's expected to be the airport of choice for close to 80 per cent of all Olympic-related passenger traffic, including officials, spectators, reporters and, of course, the athletes themselves. That's not to say that other London airports won't figure at all but Heathrow will certainly more active than anywhere else.

London Olympics Airport
The predicted levels of passenger traffic come, in part, from discussions held between BAA officials and those…

Go-ahead for Vietnam's Largest Airport

A proposed layout for the largest airport in Vietnam's history has been unveiled, paving the way for its construction to begin in four years time.

Just over two months ago, formal approval for Long Thanh International Airport's go-ahead was given by the Vietnamese Prime Minister. Now, a plan's emerged for the massive new hub, which will ultimately be able to handle 100m passengers per annum. That 100 million passenger level however, won't be reached until 2035, when the final construction phase, out of three, has been finished.

The expectations for Vietnam's Long Thanh International Airport are considerable. Over $10bn is being invested into it and it's predicted to become a major South East Asian gateway. With Ho Chi Minh City - the country's largest - approximately 40 kilometres away, the new Vietnamese airport will be developed in line with a tourist influx that's already happening and increasing by up to 20 per cent each year, as more and more visit…

Competition Commission Forces BAA Stansted Sale

BAA, the British airport operator, is now compelled to sell London Stansted Airport and one out of Edinburgh or Glasgow airports, as dictated by the Competition Commission.

Re-stressing a preliminary decision announced in March, in response to an appeal made by BAA's controlling group, Spanish firm Ferrovial, the commission has now given its final word on the matter.

Now, a two-year battle has been brought to an end, with BAA the losing party. In March 2009, BAA was the position of owning no less than seven airports in the UK. However, the commission said this was, in effect, unfair, and, shortly afterwards, London Gatwick airport was sold to GIP (Global Infrastructure Partners) through a £1.5bn deal. 

BAA Airport Sale
That same message of enhancing competition opportunities within the airport industry, for the benefit of both carriers and passengers, was asserted again today by the CC in its ultimate 
BAA airport sale announcement.

"The CC has concluded that the sale of the ai…

US Airport Passenger Image Scan Upgrades

The US government agency charged with ensuring the safety and security of airport passengers in the United States is changing the way passengers are scanned at tens of sites across the country.

The original introduction of full-body scanners, which capture in-depth images of travellers in the search for concealed weapons, potentially explosive devices and other material, generated much controversy. Now, says the Transport Security Administration, all millimetre wave scanners deployed at US airports will have their software upgraded. As a result, the images that are studied by TSA officials working there will not represent the actual passengers being scanned but, rather, portray them generically.

So-called AIT (Advanced Imaging Technology) scanners made their airport debut in 2007. To this day, they're not a compulsory measure, but passengers that refuse them can expect to be rigorously patted-down, instead.

Generic Airport Passenger Image Scans
In a statement on the new generic ai…

Finnish Airport Trials Bluetooth Passenger Tracking

Finland’s largest airport is putting everyday communications technology to a new use in a programme intended to speed up the travel experience for passengers. And it’s the passengers themselves that are helping to make it work.

Helsinki-Vantaa Airport’s new passenger tracking system involves Bluetooth signals generated by mobile phones. While Bluetooth is typically used to send data from one communications platform to another, it can also serve as a status indicator.

In the airport’s case, it’s being used to track passengers passing through security. It can show how quickly security and screening are being carried out simply by doing what it normally does but the really clever part is that the results are highlighted on a prominent display screen.

Helsinki-Vantaa Airport passengers viewing this screen, which shows the average waiting time associated with particular queues, then have the option to relocate to another queue. On that basis, it’s a system that benefits airlines and passenger…

Upgraded Biometric Passenger Scans at Heathrow

Heathrow Airport is pressing upgraded biometric passenger security technology into service, following 18 months of trials.

According to airport operator BAA, the system will be in place in Heathrow Terminal 1 and Heathrow Terminal 5 from September 2011 onwards. As a result, all passengers using these terminals at the UK's flagship airport will be scanned twice, in between arriving at the hub and getting on their aircraft.

The devices will be delivered to Heathrow via a tie-up between security firm Atkins and biometric software organization Aurora and there will be 82 of them in total.

They're based on the PASS2 (Passenger Authentication Scanning System) produced by Atkins that's been deployed at Heathrow for the past three years but incorporate AIR (Aurora Imaging Recognition) to supply a brand new capability, previously unseen at any other airport.

Biometric Passenger Scans
Air's attributes include the ability to capture biometric passenger scans in a variety of differ…