New Terminal for China’s Xiamen Gaoqi Airport Int.

One of China’s major airports is set to gain a new passenger terminal that, once completed, will boost the site’s annual capacity to 20m passengers.

Xiamen Gaoqi International Airport, in Fuijan, China, supports both commercial and cargo flights and it’s the home base for historic Xiamen Airlines - China’s first carrier in private ownership.

Among China’s airports, Xiamen Gaoqi was the 10th most popular site for cargo services and the 11th most popular for travellers, while 14 other airports were busier in terms of overall aircraft movements. Given that China has approximately 100 airports in total, Xiamen Gaoqi is one of its top performers and, now, it’s set to get even better.

New Chinese Airport Terminal
The additional of the new Chinese airport terminal will give the hub its fourth such structure and, potentially, allow annual passenger traffic to hit the 20 million mark.

Terminal 4 will join the existing three buildings in around 2013 when, according to current scheduling, it’s set to be put into operation. Work on it will get underway later on in 2011 and, once completed, it’s expected to be used solely by passengers travelling within China.

Xiamen Gaoqi International Airport was added to the Chinese airport network in 1983 and, initially, had just a single terminal. The addition of Terminal 2 occurred approximately two decades, while Terminal 3 started to be built in 1993 and was up and running three years later.

Terminal 3 effectively replaced the two earlier terminals and, and such, remain the airport’s sole operational terminal at the present moment.

Xiamen Gaoqi Terminal 4
The Xiamen Gaoqi Terminal 4 programme gained momentum earlier this year when the Urban Planning Bureau of Xiamen and Xiamen International Airport collaborated to come up with a proposed design for it.

It’s been reported by the media in China that the terminal will incorporate traditional Chinese stylings that make reference to the heritage of Fuijan Province.