Manchester First for RTT Luggage Screening System

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Manchester Airport in the UK has become the first location anywhere in the world to order new security technology produced by Rapiscan Systems.

Rapiscan’s RTT technology is a high-speed luggage screening system and it’s been to Manchester Airport before: it was tested there in 2009. Now, Real Time Tomography will become a formal part of the airport’s security measures and it will be in place by around this time next year.

RTT is conceived as a system able to produce very high resolution luggage images within a very quick timeframe and with a very high degree of accuracy. As far as speed and reliability go, it’s the best of its kind in the world and it’s been described as a key tool in the fight against air terror or potential air terror.

RTT Luggage Screening System
RTT also provides passengers with a faster screening service and this, in turn, impacts on the efficiency of the airport as a whole. It’s got further benefits, too, including a forecast reduction in maintenance costs, compared to the current generation of luggage scanners.

“We appreciate that Manchester Airports Group has selected the RTT and look forward to supporting their continued initiatives to improve airport security and efficiency”, Ajay Mehra, President of Rapiscan Systems, was quoted as having said in a Manchester Airport press release published online.

“Our next generation CT system, the RTT, allows airports to meet current and upcoming screening standards with dramatically lower overall infrastructure costs.”

“Our order for the RTT technology is the latest innovative development in our approach to aviation security both in terms of improving customer service and managing potential threats”, Manchester Airport’s Managing Director, Andrew Harrison, added.

“We have worked closely with Rapiscan on the development of the RTT including its trial at Manchester Airport in 2009. With its revolutionary design and unprecedented performance, Rapiscan’s RTT will help us to maintain our reputation as one of Europe’s most passenger friendly airports.”

Manchester Airport, located in the North West of England, has been deploying a whole host of technologically-advanced new airport systems in recent months. At the start of 2011, it unveiled the world’s first holographic security technology while, in November 2010, it started a series of eye scan trials, too.