IATA Proposes Passenger Security Tunnels: Airport Int. News

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The International Air Transport Association (IATA) has taken the wraps off a new airport security plan that focuses on passengers, as opposed to the items they carry.

The envisaged programme sees airports hosting a series of tunnels, divided up to reflect the security status of passengers travelling on aircraft flights. The results of biometrics analyses, combined with data provided when the flight was booked, would decide which tunnel each passenger would use - ‘Known Travellers’, ‘Normal Security’ or ‘Enhanced Security’.
Once in service, the airport passenger tunnels would follow a suite of airport security measures, including passenger identification, imposed on travellers prior to letting them board. The Known Travellers tunnel would see only light checks take place, checks that would be enhanced, but still kept at moderate level, in the Normal tunnel, while “Enhanced Security” would be used when needed.

Source: airport-int.com