Britain Needs New London Airport

LONDON and UK Airports Spectacular II : Classic Heathrow / Gatwick & London City
Plans for a new British airport to ease pressure at existing sites and gain more of a global market share have been given a new impetus, after the release of a new report on 18 January 2010.

Produced in collaboration with Transport for London and supported by the Mayor of London, the report puts forward that, without a new airport in London, other parts of Europe will benefit while the UK effectively suffers at their hands.

The report describes how flagship UK hub, London Heathrow, has lost some of its lustre. Two decades ago, only one other airport in the world flew to more destinations. Now, it says, there are six more that do.

The end result is that the airport that’s closest to the heart of London, in terms of distance, is missing out, and this is a message reinforced by London Mayor, Boris Johnson.

“The capital’s airports are full, our runways are rammed and we risk losing jobs to Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Madrid or other European cities should we fail to act”, he said today.

Brand New London Airport

“No other city even approaches the volume of passengers handled at London’s airports but we need to start planning for a brand new [London] airport that can help meet the ever-increasing demand for aviation and act as a hub, particularly to the rest of the UK.”

Heathrow airport delays are also highlighted. Delayed arrivals approaching three quarters of an hour in lateness are not uncommon, while departures can occur well behind schedule, too.

Overall, LHR offered routes to 157 other airports in 2010 on a direct flight basis. This, compared to 224 destinations at Paris Charles de Gaulle, or 235 from Frankfurt am Main Airport.

New British Airport Report

Mayor Johnson has urged for new airport construction to take place East of London before now. The report falls short of identifying a location for a new British airport, but does emphasise how major cities in other parts of the world are served by a pair of airports. New York – which has John F Kennedy International Airport and Newark Liberty International Airport – is one example.

“We welcome the Mayor’s input and his suggestions will be considered alongside the many other contributions to the debate about our future aviation strategy”, a representative for the Department of Transport commented.

“However, we have made clear that we do not support the construction of additional runways at Heathrow, Gatwick or Stansted.

“That is why we are working with interested parties to develop a new framework for aviation which is more sustainable but still supports economic growth.”