Berlin Airport Landing Slots Row

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German flagship airline Lufthansa is reportedly calling for an embargo against Emirates landing slots at the new Berlin-Brandenburg International Airport.

Emirates – the national airline of Dubai – is accused of effectively monopolising air travel between Germany and Dubai. According to a representative for Lufthansa, Emirates already serves four German airports while, on the flipside, Lufthansa operates just a single flight to Dubai.

Berlin-Brandenburg International Airport is still being built and will open to commercial traffic in June of next year. At first, it will handle an annual total of 30 million passengers, with scope to increase this further down the line.
Berlin Landing Slots

Emirates initially made no comment over the Berlin landing slots issue but, today, has come out with a statement.

‘Emirates’ services to Berlin and Stuttgart, both of which remain under-serviced in terms of scheduled intercontinental routes, would benefit trade, investment, tourism and employment in the two cities, their surrounding regions and nationwide in Germany’, it said.

“We think there is a big imbalance in the allocation of slots”, said Wolfgang Weber, a representative for Lufthansa, was quoted as having said by a Dubai newspaper.

He continued: “Emirates already flies to four airports in Germany while we only fly to one destination in Dubai. They have between five and six times more business on that route as a result.

“We can’t predict what decision the German government will take. We can only express our opinion. There is no bilateral air traffic relationship with any other country that is as unequal as between Germany and Dubai.”

Airport Landing Slots Row

This airport landing slots row comes as relations between the UAE and Canada remain strained. Again, airport landing slots are the root cause, but in respect of Canadian airports, this time.

Emirates presently flies three weekly services to Canada and it wants more, but its appeals have, so far, been unsuccessful. The UAE, in return, has moved to prevent members of the Canadian armed forces from using a key military base to support Afghanistan operations.

Both Emirates and Lufthansa operate the new Airbus A380 design – the largest airliner in present-day commercial service.