India Approves New Mumbai Airport

Delhi Airport
Mumbai, India, is closer to gaining a second airport after governmental approval was given on 22 November 2010. The huge new Mumbai airport’s go-ahead was given by Jairam Ramesh – India’s Environment Minister – and it paves the way for the site’s construction. The approval came after months of negotiations between environmental and airport officials and includes a set of conditions meant to safeguard local wildlife. Campaigners had been against the first set of airport plans that surfaced, highlighting the amount of trees that would have been lost, and the waterways that would have been redirected. According to Ramesh, some trees will now be kept alive, and one waterway will be left as it is. “From an environmental point of view, this has been a very major compromise that has been reached”, he told media representatives.

“We have bargained, we have negotiated, and we have compromised. The result is an environmentally safe and ecologically sound, energy efficient international airport in Mumbai.”

Navi Mumbai Airport: India

Navi Mumbai Airport will go into full operation in two decades time and, at that point, its annual passenger-handling levels are expected to stand at a maximum of 40 million. The airport will feature a pair of runways running alongside each others. 1.55 kilometres of ground will separate them – less than was thought at first – and this is part of the plan’s environmental concessions.

This doesn’t mean that airport safety has been compromised, as Praful Patel – Indian Aviation Minister – explained. “There is no compromise on technical parameters”, he said. “The runway separation is as per international requirements for safe and simultaneous operations.”

New Indian Airport

The new Indian airport’s development comes as a result of the situation at the present Mumbai International Airport – the main base for national carrier Air India. Three times as many passengers are now passing through than did five years ago and, soon, it will reach capacity. Development of the existing site is not possible, due to the urban areas that surround it.

On the basis of today’s announcement, the new Indian airport in Mumbai might now open in 2014, analysts have suggested.