Larnaca Airport on Strike from 15th and 24th of October

Aviation and Airport Security: Terrorism and Safety Concerns, Second Edition

The new International Airport of Larnaca is likely to be shut down by force coming from its own staff, due to an ongoing protest that challenges the daily use of metal detectors. which are in place like in many destinations across the world for security reasons. The planned dates for the protes are as follows:

15th of October  10-hours strike from 9:00am till 5:00pm
24th of October  24-hours strike from 9:00am

Airport workers claim, that they have rights to change the metal detector security check for a manual check.

Larnaca Airport Workers seem to be convinced that exposure to everyday electro-magnetic waves can negatively affect their health. A

 Staff Union appeal indicated

 that the Government was informed and given a month to resolve the problem, yet no action action had been taken,.

What is interesting here is that the principle of using a metal detector security test is not against any European or Cypriot law. 

Is this an isolated case or will the rest of the EU follow the lead of the Larnaca Airport workers?