TSA and U.S. Marshals Clarify Body Scanner Information

TSA Screening Management Standard Operating Procedures
Last week the Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC) obtained documents that shows that body-scanning technology deployed at some federal courthouses can store and record the images of those scanned with the devices, and how EPIC's release of this information is tied to another lawsuit aimed at getting DHS to suspend the deployment of body scanners at U.S. airports.
While it did not mention either the U.S. Marshals Service (USMS) or the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), both agencies have posted information on their websites (USMS,TSA) clarifying details the media seems to have misconstrued, including the fact USMS and TSA are separate agencies under different administrations. USMS falls under the Department of Justice, and TSA falls under the Department of Homeland Security.

Source: Planet Data

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