Sizzling Summer Events Worldwide in August

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Greetings from a 40 degrees plus Cyprus, where many Islanders feel we may actually break the a temperature record this year. The highest temperature ever recorded in Cyrpus is 45.6 °C (114.08 °F). The record for the hottest temperature ever recorded in Europe goes to the city of Athens at 48.0 °C (118.4 °F). If you think this is hot, the highest temperature ever recorded o planet earth (since records began) occurred at Al 'Aziziyah (Close to Tripoli) in Libya at a staggering 57.8 °C (136 °F). 

Whatever the case we are all going to Burn Baby Burn this August across the Northern Hemisphere. For our Russian friends reading this article congratulations of enduring the passing of an all-time record high temperature in Moscow last Thursday when the mercury hit 38.3 C (101 F) in what has been a grueling and persistent heat wave for the city. Incidentally the previous record high of 37.8 C was tied twice in the previous week. 

Well, here we are in mid-summer and August is a truly hot month for Festivals around the world from the colors of the Notting Hill Carnival in London to the crazy Tomato throwing of Tomatina Festival in Buñol. We can also look forward to cooler summer activities in Scotland with the Highland Games on the Island of Skye and the Edinburgh International Festival. Here are the worlds Top Ten according to PT... 

WINE FESTIVAL in Limassol from 27th August to 5th September 2010

Limassol is the wine-growing capital of Cyprus, which celebrates the country's rich viticulture with the annual grape harvest festival. the local community and visitors alike celebrate the island's best wineries and vineyards and converge on the town's stately Municipal Gardens to share some of the fruits of their labors.

Wine Tasters rejoice in the opportunity to sample some of the island's gastronomic specialties featuring Muscats, pine-flavoured Retsinas in addition to some of the island's renowned dessert wine, Commanderia. The Festival occurs withing am exciting ambiance of music and dancing at the Gardens' open-air theatre.

The Island of Cyprus has been making wine for around 6000 years (from 4500-3900 BC), subsequently Cypriots have had generations of experience and considerable practice with the harvest celebrations. 

One of the highlights of this annual event is to witness the traditional pressing of the grapes that signals the beginning of the festivities.

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Notting Hill Carnival, London England 29 - 30th August 2010

Held each August Bank Holiday since 1966, Notting Hill Carnival is the largest celebration of its kind in Europe.

Started as a local festival set up by the West Indian immigrants of the area it has now become a full-blooded Caribbean carnival, attracting millions of visitors from around the world.  With scores of massive sound systems, many spectacular floats and, of course, the traditional steel drum bands, plus hundreds of stalls lining the streets this is probably London’s most exciting annual event!

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Edinburgh International FestivalScotland 13th August - 5th September 2010

Get ready for an explosion of sound and color in Edinburgh in summer 2010. Reaching far across the globe Festival 2010 brings a whole host of international talent to Edinburgh for an intoxicating three weeks.

As Europe explored remote horizons 300 years ago the pioneers called their discoveries the New World. Now Scotland’s finest performers join artists and companies from the Americas and Australasia who bring a unique flavour to the Edinburgh International Festival in 2010.

Choose from a wide variety of concerts performed by the very best international and home-grown singers and musicians; enjoy cutting-edge theatre from North, South and Central America and spectacular dance from the Pacific Rim; and delight in exciting opera from Australia and Central America.

You can discover the unfamiliar and revisit favourite masterpieces in a Festival that puts new worlds of the imagination at its very heart.

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Tomatina Festival - Buñol Spain 24th - 26th August 2009

The sunny Mediterranean city of Valencia in Spain is world-renowned for its tasty and succulent oranges. And just thirty miles away is Buñol, another town just as famous for its produce. But its notoriety comes from the locals' habit of wearing the produce as well as tasting it: every year, Buñol hosts La Tomatina, the world's largest vegetable fight. Situated only 30 kilometers inland from the Mediterranean Sea, and well-connected by motorway and rail to Madrid and Valencia, this charming town erupts into a fiery blaze of tomato-hurling on the last Wednesday of every August.

The "batalla" takes place during a week-long celebration filled with on-going festivities and with even greater anticipation for the monstrous tomato battle that serves as the culmination of the week's events.

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V FestivalHylands Park Chelmsford. Weston Park Staffordshire England 21st – 22nd August 2010

V Festival is a two-day music festival that is held simultaneously in Chelmsford and Staffordshire. Although predominantly rock music, the festival books a wide range of acts and is probably the most likely amongst UK festivals to book more mainstream pop acts each year. Festival goers can take their pick from the V stage, Channel 4 stage and JJB arena throughout the day. The line up for 2010 includes Florence and the machine, Groove Armada, Pet Shop Boys, The Charlatans, Doves, Paul Weller and more besides.

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Fiesta of the Virgin of Copacabana, Bolivia 5th August 2009

The Fiesta of the Virgin of Copacabana in August resembles Christmas elsewhere in the Christian world. The town is an important pilgrimage site for the Virgen de La Candalaria, Bolivia's patron saint, and thousands come to pay penitence.

Other visitors come in the hope the Virgin will grant their wishes. In order for the Virgin to realise what they are wishing for, many followers wear trinkets that represent the things they want. Spot tiny cows, cars or bicycles being sold on every corner. Another means of ensuring that the Virgin will grant a wish is to hire a blindman or a beggar, since they are believed to carry certain powers when they chant over incense.

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Tuscan Sun Festival 31st July – 5th August 2010

Cortona, near Arezzo, hosts the annual Tuscan Sun Festival, one of Europe's most prestigious cultural events. From classical music to food, art exhibitions and alternative medicine, the festival offers an unmissable spectrum of artistic programming that explores the five senses.


Some of the world's finest musicians, scholars, authors, Academy Award-winners, artists, critics, historians and others are all drawn to the festival, which also incorporates side events ranging from food and wine tastings to traditional Chinese medicine and fresco-making workshops.


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Isle of Skye Highland Games – 4th Aug 2010

Inaugurated in 1877, the Isle of Skye Highland gathering takes place on The Lump (Meall na h-Acairseid), a natural amphitheatre over the harbour. The nearby Gathering Hall is the venue for the piping competition.

The Games incorporates all the traditional events, which are open to both locals and professionals from further afield. With roots deep in local history, the games are some of the biggest in the Highlands and showcase the Scottish culture and way of life with athletics, field events, piping and Highland dancing.

Piping is especially important at Skye: the island is the famous home of piping family the MacCrimmons. Pipers from all over the world make their way to the Gathering Hall on the day before the main Games to compete for substantial cash prizes.

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Cultural August Pano Platres, Cyprus 1st - 31st August 2010

August is a time of celebrations and festivals throughout the island and Cultural August is a series of events, guided tours, exhibitions and entertainment which takes place throughout the month in this spectacular wine-producing region of the Troodos Mountains.


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Birthday of Kwan Tai – 4th Aug 2010

Kwan Tai is the God of War, patron god of the Hong Kong police and, interestingly, gangsters. The Birthday of Kwan Tai festival at the Man Mo Temple takes place on the 24th day of the sixth lunar month.

Tai lived during the Three Kingdoms period (AD220-AD265) and was later deified as a Taoist symbol of integrity and loyalty. An ever-burning lamp stands before his statue in the colourful mid-19th-century temple on Hong Kong Island's Hollywood Road. Meaning "Civil and Martial", Man Mo is dedicated jointly to Kwan Tai and to the God of Literature.

During this festival, supplicants bring offerings and give prayers up for his protection and blessing. Local people don't need much excuse to celebrate and festivals in honour of their gods are always cause for a large street party. Expect processions, live music, dancing and, of course, many street vendors selling all manner of Cantonese delicacies.

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