Top 10 Worldwide Events in June 2010

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Warm Greetings from a very Hot Cyprus, where temperatures already passed the 30 degrees Celsius mark last week. Even in the UK during the past couple of weeks the weather has been incredibly and uncharacteristically warm, so it looks like we will all "Burn Baby Burn" this coming summer in the Northern Hemisphere!

June brings a little more optimism at least with a fresh month ahead whereby the memories of the troubles we experienced in May with more delays caused by that Icelandic Ash Cloud, the BA Cabin Crew that live on a different planet, Greece in financial meltdown, the euro on a major downward slide and an oil disaster in the Golf of Mexico, which may well impact on Cruise Tourism in the region and on the Tourist Trade in New Oleans, whereby fresh shellfish will not be so readily available. According to the Georgian calendar, which is used over most of the world today, spring ends and summer begins around June 20, 21, or 22 in the Northern Hemisphere. It's the time that the flowers are beautiful. It is especially the month for roses. In the Southern hemisphere, winter begins during June, and it brings cold, rainy weather to this part of the world.

Here below are the very best 10 Worldwide Events to look forward to in June.

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