Porto, Portugal: ‘Festa de São João’ [23rd June 2010]

Serie Fiesta 
This is a New World twist on an old European tradition. In Mediterranean countries, the Fiesta de San Juan (Saint John) falls on the summer solstice and is x\celebrated with bonfires. The party city of Rio extends this June festival to include Saint Anthony and Saint Peter as well. On three streets, squares and public places, stalls are set out to resemble village market places and are decorated with streamers and lanterns. Against the glow of bonfires there is much dancing, eating and drinking. The traditional attractions of the night include street concerts, popular dancing parties, jumping over flames, eating barbecued sardines and meat, drinking wine and releasing illuminated flame-propelled balloons over Porto's summer sky. In mock weddings, couples follow the old tradition of leaping the flames. All this takes place against a fairly continuous crackle and flash of fireworks.

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