Italy’s new Fast Train – Freccia Rossa (Red Arrow)

Train travel within Italy in recent years since the introduction of a new class of train service called FrecciaRossa (Red Arrow).

Former Amateur Traveler guest Ira Bernstein (Travel to Turin and Bologna (or eating our way through Italy) – Episode 208 and Travel to Venice and the Veneto – Episode 182) reports:

"Its speed allowed us to take a day trip from Bologna to Milan and back down to Florence (we had lunch with friends in Milan). To give you some idea, consider the 296 miles (476 km) from Milan to Rome. Taking an Intercity train takes between 6:30 and 7:56. In contrast, the Freccia Rossa only takes 2:59 to 3:30. Evidently, the Freccia Rossa replaces the Eurostar".

One can choose from 87 connections a day with easily memorized scheduled timetables including 1 NON STOP train Rome-Milan and Milan-Rome every hour, with departures every minute "zero" from 6** am to 19, with the possibility of reaching Turin or Naples during peak hours.   

The Trains themselves
  • Composed of 11 wagons - 574 seats in total 
  • 1 Executive wagon with a Meeting Room  
  • 3 Business wagons with a Silence Area and two Sitting Rooms with 4 seats  
  • 1 Premium wagon 5 Standard wagons 1 Restaurant/bar wagon 
Trains are provided with:
  • Air conditioning sockets for each seat led lights 
  • Space for big-dimensioned luggage in the wagon vestibules  
  • 6 monitors per wagon display information on travel, videos and news continuously updated
For more information on tickets for the Freccia Rossa visit Rail Europe
PT Comment:
Finally a decent train service in Italy and much more comfortable than daring to fly with Alitalia!