France Lets U.S. Operate High-Risk Traveler Program at Paris Airport

Jun 5, 2010 — The U.S. has entered into an arrangement with France to implement the Immigration Advisory Program (IAP), which will allow for the identification of high-risk travelers at Paris' Charles De Gaulle International Airport before they board aircraft bound for the U.S.

Under the IAP program specialized U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) personnel posted in foreign airports utilize current targeting and passenger analysis information and/or an assessment of passengers' documentation to identify high-risk persons bound for the U.S. and make "no board" recommendations to carriers and host governments.
The DHS says IAP will help combat the use of fraudulent travel documents, prevent terrorists and other criminals from entering the U.S., disrupt human smuggling and strengthen cooperation between U.S. CBP and French officials.

Source: Planet Data

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