Top 10 Worldwide Events in May 2010

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What a crazy year it’s been so far with the Travel Industry in Europe! Recession, strikes (BA / Lufthansa), civil unrest in Greece seriously damaging their Tourism prospects for summer 2010 and of course the Icelandic volcanic ash that completely disrupted European air space more than anytime since the second world war.

Two more great European Tourism countries Spain and Portugal are now moving towards the brink of meltdown in the same vein of Greece, which is confirmed by the fact that this week their respective credit ratings were lowered. In Tourism terms, as in the case of Greece, this translates into harsh countrywide austerity measures. In reality this increases the cost of basic and Touristic services through increases in Tax and VAT, which means that the Tourists who do turn up will paying higher Restaurant, Bar, Hotel and leisure services this coming summer in affected countries.

Lets turn our attention now to more positive endeavors, as the summer is coming with the arrival of May. Here below are the Top 10 Events…

KISS, Atahualpa Sheffield Arena, Sheffield, England, 1st May

KISS bring their Sonic Boom Over Europe: From the Beginning to the Boom tour to Sheffield Arena. Famed for their face paint and flamboyant stage outfits, the band perform both old favourites and new material.
Formed in 1973, KISS rose to prominence thanks largely to their spectacular live performances, which featured fire breathing, blood spitting, smoking guitars and pyrotechnics. The mid to late 1970s saw their notoriety soar, and the albums Destroyer, Rock and Roll Over, Love Gun and Dynasty confirmed their status as rock icons.
The band have sold over 100 million albums worldwide, and were voted 10th on VH1's list of the 100 Greatest Artists of Hard Rock. Latest album Sonic Boom earned them their highest US chart success, debuting at number two.

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The Empire Strikes Back: Indian Art Today, The Saatchi Gallery, London, England, 7th May

London's Saatchi Gallery continues its exhibition series examining art from vast geographical regions with The Empire Strikes Back: Indian Art Today. Featuring 26 artists from the world's biggest democracy, it is one of the gallery's most ambitious shows to date.
Spread over the entire venue, this exhibition considers the colour and cacophony of India with mixed media art that tackles subjects such as urban expansion, globalisation, tradition and modernisation.

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Fumettopoli, Atahotel Executive, Milan, Italy, 10th May

With four annual editions at the Atahotel Executive, Fumettopoli is Milan's most popular animation event. Collectors and aficionados congregate to complete their collections, swap, sell or buy material.

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Red Bull X-Fighters World Tour, Pyramids at Giza, Cairo, Egypt, 14th May

International freestyle motocross riders rev it up at the Giza Pyramids for the adrenalin-packed Red Bull X-Fighters! Competitors bring pure speed and breathtaking air flips over from Mexico City before heading onto Moscow, Madrid, London and Rome.

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Jazz Plus, Bulgaria Hall, Sofia, Bulgaria, 15th – 19th May

Jazz Plus is a five-day festival gathering European artists to perform a series of jazz concerts at Sofia's Bulgaria Hall, also known as Concert Hall. New projects as well as classic compositions are on the bill.
Headlining the 2010 edition is the Tord Gustavsen Trio with their new album Restored, Returned. Other musicians include the Mike Stern Band with special guest Richard Bona and Nik Baertsch and his band Ronin.

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The Baby Show, NEC (National Exhibition Centre), Birmingham, England, 21st May

Are the joys of parenthood looming? Faced with them already? Either way, don't miss The Baby Show at Birmingham's NEC - a one-stop shop for everything you need to know about looking after your little darling. Ear-plugs might be required.

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Green Festival, Navy Pier, Chicago, USA, 22nd – 23rd May

Dubbed "the party with a purpose", Green Festival at Chicago's Navy Pier welcomes green businesses and visionary speakers to cover a range of aspects regarding sustainable living. Highlights include how-to workshops, live music and delicious organic cuisine.
Organised by two non-profit organisations: The Global Exchange and Co-Op America, Green Festival travels to other cities in the US, namely Seattle (March), Denver (May) and San Francisco (November). Popular stands include The Fair Trade Pavilion.

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Gotan Project Saschall, Florence, Italy, 26th May
Gotan Project are a Paris-based group consisting of musicians Philippe Cohen Solal, Eduardo Makaroff and Christoph H Müller. They bring their brand of Nuevo tango to Florence's Saschall.
Formed in 1999, the band's album La Revancha del Tango brought their electronic-infused tango to the fore, showcasing their inventive use of samples, beats and jazz influences alongside traditional tango elements.
Absorbed by popular culture, the works of Gotan Project have been used frequently in television and film. The song Santa Maria (del Buen Ayre) was used in the movie Shall We Dance?, and songs can be heard in shows such as Nip/Tuck and Sex and the City. The track Epoca has featured on everything from Boots television advertisements to Top Gear.

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The Eurovision Song Contest, Telenor Arena, Oslo, Norway, 29th May
The Eurovision Song Contest, that great European institution in which the world's top musicians battle for patriotism through the power of song, is held in Oslo's Telenor Arena this year. Norway is the host nation following last year's win by Alexander Rybak.
Ranking up there with the Miss World competition in terms of cultural significance, the Eurovision Song Contest was the brainchild of Frenchman Marcel Baison, who hoped that by fighting with music instead of guns the nations of post-war Europe would become united in peace. A nice idea in theory, although viewers of past contests will have noticed the element of bias still present in country-by-country votes (Greece always giving Cyprus ten points and Turkey "nul points", for instance).
The build-up to the contest is watched with some interest and not a little hilarity in much of Europe, but there remains an ardent community of Eurovision fans who continue to take the whole affair a lot more seriously. Expect the hotly contested event to provide extravagance and dramatics, with a hearty dose of patriotic fervour thrown in for good measure.
It's a curious spectacle but, for all the jokes it inspires, this event still pulls in record-breaking TV audiences and is, for some, the highlight of the musical year. Those who are particularly eager to experience Eurovision up close and personal can also apply for tickets to the show's final through its website.

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Happy Mosel, Cochem, Germany, 30th May

For one day every year all motorised vehicles are banned from the picturesque Mosel Valley as it holds a recreational cycle day. Happy Mosel sees hundreds of cyclists enjoying the 140km route along the river between Cochem and Schweich.
The Mosel takes curve after curve in this area, creating a stunning landscape, and participants of all ages turn up for leisurely rides during Happy Mosel. Vineyards on steep terraces line the bank, punctuated by quaint villages, so the route provides ample possibilities for a rest and some delicious local food and wine.

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