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Top 10 Worldwide Events in May 2010

What a crazy year it’s been so far with the Travel Industry in Europe! Recession, strikes (BA / Lufthansa), civil unrest in Greece seriously damaging their Tourism prospects for summer 2010 and of course the Icelandic volcanic ash that completely disrupted European air space more than anytime since the second world war.

Two more great European Tourism countries Spain and Portugal are now moving towards the brink of meltdown in the same vein of Greece, which is confirmed by the fact that this week their respective credit ratings were lowered. In Tourism terms, as in the case of Greece, this translates into harsh countrywide austerity measures. In reality this increases the cost of basic and Touristic services through increases in Tax and VAT, which means that the Tourists who do turn up will paying higher Restaurant, Bar, Hotel and leisure services this coming summer in affected countries.

Lets turn our attention now to more positive endeavors, as the summer is coming with the arrival…

First tourist accommodation in Cyprus designed to cater for less able-bodied people

Set in one of the most beautiful locations in Cyprus, C & A Tourist apartments in Polis is the first ever tourist accommodation in Cyprus designed to cater for less able-bodied people. The owner been himself a wheelchair user understands very well any need you may have and together with his family, has worked hard to convert this quiet residential property into a first class holiday center for those with a disability.

You can choose from a studio to a 3 bedroom apartment, which all have plenty of space for people in wheelchairs. There is a small kitchen in each apartment but if you like there is a restaurant and a pool bar available which offer meals and light snacks.

All the bathrooms of the apartments have level access roll-in showers with wall-mounted shower seats and drop down rails on both sides of the toilet.

There are many activities for everybody to enjoy there. Chris, the owner has been instrumental in pushing Polis municipality to lay down two beach ramps as well as a beach…

Hong Kong Airlines eyes up European expansion

Hong Kong Airlines has confirmed an order for six Airbus A330-200 aircraft, which will be used to “expand into the long-haul market”.

In a statement released by Airbus, the aircraft manufacturer says that Hong Kong Airlines now has a total of 23 A330s on order, including six A330-200s originally announced at the Singapore Airshow.
According to Airbus these will be used on “existing routes and later to launch the airline's first services to Europe”.

Commenting on the move Yang Jian Hong, President, Hong Kong Airlines said:
“Low operating costs and high levels of cabin comfort make the A330-200 the perfect choice to expand into the long haul market. We are looking forward to offering passengers a premium service on these routes."

The airline currently plies domestic routes within China, as well as destinations in Vietnam, and a route to Moscow due to commence in June.

Source: Business Traveller

Perpetual Traveller Comment
A new airline on the air space block from Asia…

Malta, honoured as the best place to do business in Europe

As Perpetual Travellers go, for good reason we tend to take an integrated approach to the work and life balance. Mixing business with pleasure is often necessary for the small to medium Company owner. Shopping around for the most cost effective corporate structure is always wise, especially considering the current global financial climate. Our research in Europe points to Cyprus and Malta as the best places to set up a Company and declare taxes, which we advise all Perpetual Travellers to do, as the days of NO TAX OFFSHORE have simply gone. Moreover, both Island countries are warm with mild winters, friendly locals, Business and Tourism orientated, pleasant for family visits, feature a rich history and can be trusted as they are fully fledged members of the EU. These islands of opportunity offer the possibility to set-up and manage a Company relatively cheaply in addition to mixing business with pleasure. This week we will focus on Malta…

Malta, Island of opportunity
Malta has been ho…

Will your travel insurance cover problems caused by volcanic ash?

If you're among the hundreds of thousands of travellers whose vacation or business trips got covered in ashes by a volcanic eruption in Iceland this week, your travel insurance is likely to bail you out -- at least partly.

As ash continued to spew into the atmosphere from a volcano in southern Iceland on Friday, Europe's air traffic control canceled even more flights, leaving scores of travelers scrambling to make alternate plans. The unprecedented situation forced the closure of Europe's three biggest airports, leaving scores of travelers wondering if their travel insurance would cover long delays, which included unexpected hotel stays and meals out. Travel associations advised passengers to stay home and check with their airline before coming to an airport.

If you bought your policy before April 13 and your trip was delayed by the eruption, you're likely to qualify for travel delay and missed connection coverage if you keep expenses reasonable and hang onto your r…

Iceland Volcano Could Continue Erupting for More Than a Month, Researcher Says

The airspace over much of northern Europe remains shut and the Norwegian Prime Minister, Jens Stoltenberg, is stranded in New York City because of the threat from a volcanic ash plume being belched out of Iceland. How long will the eruption of the Eyjafjallajokull volcano continue and what other kinds of activity can we expect? A volcanologist at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) who has worked extensively in Iceland says a month-long eruption would not be out of the question. But the eruption could also continue for a year or more, he says.

Professor Reidar Trønnes, who was a research scientist at the University of Iceland's Nordic Volcano logical Institute from 2000 to 2004, says as eruptions go, the Eyjafjallajokull volcano is not that large. Nevertheless, concerns about the effects of volcanic ash on jet engines led to a range of airport closures in northern Europe on Friday.

Volcanic ash, which is made up of tiny glass shards that are carried aloft in …

Ryanair eliminates check-in desks - is this wise?

Ryanair recently announced that they have taken the decision to eliminate all of their airport check-in desks as from Friday 2nd October. This move will force all passengers to check-in for flights online and it takes away the element of choice. What is worse, all passengers will be charged a fee of €6 for doing the work of their own check-in, which contradicts the general Internet concept of financially rewarding consumers to do things for themselves online.

There are more negatives to this decision too, as the passengers who forget to check-in on-line (or are simply not able to) will face an emergency check-in fee of €45, otherwise they will not be permitted to board.

This Ryanair anti-passenger move is designed to save the airline €57 million per year in operating costs. However, only time will tell what the real impact to the business will be in terms of lost passengers, especially on the quality consumer side, that is if there are any left!

Many older passengers are not Internet …

Northern Europe grounded by Icelandic volcanic ash cloud - it could take weeks to clear!

Air traffic across the UK, Ireland, Belgium and the Nordic countries (Norway, Denmark and Sweden) was on closed on Thursday 15th of April 2010, due to an extensive ash cloud originating from an active Volcano in Iceland. 
This unprecedented natural phenomenon has grounded planes on a scale which has never been experienced since the second World War, not even for the 2001 terror attacks in the UK made such an impact to flight travel. Literally thousands of flights were canceled, subsequently causing around 300,000 air passengers in the UK alone to be stranded. 
TIME FRAME At the time of writing (early Friday morning 16th April 2010) the authorities controlling the airspace in Britain said it was not clear when it would be safe enough to fly again.The earliest possible time given to resume flying is 13:00hrs on Friday 16th of April 2010. However, sobering input from one scientist in Iceland indicated that the ejection of volcanic ash will cause possible disruptions in air travel that could…