Strikes, Politics and the BA Blues

Once again the threat of strikes is in the air with the logic of "Fear Motivation" and "Damage Optimization" coming from the British Airways (BA) union Unite, who are calling on Cabin Crew Members to take action.

The strike itself will comprise of a 3 day action starting on the 20th of March and a 4 day walk-out commencing on the 27th of March..

There is business, political, public and even Government anger about the planned strike mounting. Of course there are always 2 sides to every story and the case of the Crew has not really been listened to by the media and public at large. This is because its hard to listen under the threat of a strike and the mere fact that the Management of BA have assured members that "Cabin Crew face no pay cut or reductions in terms of conditions" moreover, "they remain to be the best rewarded Cabin Crew in the UK airline industry.

Prime Minister Gordon Brown after a prolonged delay recently branded the strike as "unjustified and deplorable". This only really means something when one considers that Unite the Trade Union involved donated 11 million GBP to the ruling Labour Party, which is somewhat of an embarrassment for the reportedly bad tempered Mr. Brown. Worse still is that the political director of Unite is the former spokesman for Mr. Brown. Oh what tangled webs!

Fingers crossed it may turn out to be hot air like the planned strikes of last Christmas. Either way with employee turmoil, rising fuel costs, a recession and lower passenger demand, BA still have the Blues.
British Airways