The great Greek Travel Tragedy

A series of national strikes paralyzed Greece last week from a public transport and general services perspective. Literally thousands of passengers and travellers were stranded at the Venizelos airport of Athens and the Greek health service is sadly teetering on the brink of total collapse.

This could not happen at a worse time for Greek Tourism, as people across Europe and beyond plan their summer vacations. In Tourism terms Greece is still the cradle of civilization, however in 2010 at least tourists, holidaymakers and travellers alike will naturally and are best advised to stay away from the likely chaos of further strikes, travel delays and potential risks associated with the lack of health service.

The smell of tear gas is replacing that of the Kebab and fish Taverna's along the coastline that surrounds the capital, as the strikes and protests continue in the form of a reaction to the latest draconian package aimed at saving of €4.8 billion of the public finances. These measures were required by the European Union and as expected they have proven to be extremely unpopular.

By all accounts Greece is experiencing a highly Public and nervous breakdown. Business leaders have actually taken the strongest line claiming that the militant strikers are effectively ruining what is left of the Public finances, as the situation slides towards beyond repair. Despite valiant efforts from the German and French Governments respectively with a rescue package, the Government will still need to pursue with the draconian measures, which will maintain the stimulus for the strikes and unrest.

The other great concern for European travellers and citizens alike is the impact on the euro as a currency. Already we have seen falls and further declines are expected as the fall out of this situation plays out on the global markets.

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